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Headhunting Can Be a Tough Challenge

For a technology company, whether it is a mature organization or start-up, to achieve its goals, clear goals and competent entry into the market are of great importance. But a quality product is the key ingredient. After all, even if the product meets all the needs of the target audience and has no analogues, the user won’t want to use a service with bugs and long page loading. Software development is the most important stage of product creation, and it should be transferred to skilled specialists with a relevant experience. 


But take your time. Software development is an expensive undertaking. We are talking about paying salaries to programmers, waiting for several months for the estimated project to be finally implemented, getting involved in the project yourself, discussing ideas with the IT team, and more. Working with in-house programmers takes money, time and your energy.

Hunting Talented Software Developers: Our Tips

  • Decide on the project’s technology stack 

Are you planning on building a corporate portal? Or a mobile application for Android and iOS? Decide on the project’s technology stack that will be needed for a successful implementation. For a software project in Python, look for a programmer who is skilled in this language.

  • Decide on project timelines

This point is for those companies who need a programmer for a specific project. A project needs to be completed by a certain deadline. This means, you have to determine the resources you need to create the product. Think twice about how many programmers to hire, what tools to buy and how much money to allocate from your project’s budget.

  • Take advantage of popular recruitment platforms

On platforms like Fiverr, Toptal, LinkedIn, Outsourcely, and UpWork, you can create a company profile and post your position. On the same platforms, you can review CV’s and arrange initial interviews with potentially suitable programmers.

  • Prepare for the interview with the potential employee

Software development is a complex subject. If you do not understand anything in it or are poorly oriented, contact a technical specialist to interview the candidate.

In large, mature companies that have specific expertise in developing web and mobile products, the search for candidates is covered by an internal HR. The responsibilities of an internal HR include the creation of a professional company profile on platforms like Fiverr, the search for a suitable candidate, initial interviews, onboarding activities (assisting a new worker in adapting) and the constant monitoring of the employees’ mood.

If your staff includes less than 50 employees, don’t hurry to create your own HR department. An internal HR department requires a lot of your resources (money, time, and engagement). Think about more convenient and much cheaper alternatives. Perhaps cooperation with an augmentation agency or outsourcing the project to a distant contractor would be a more thought-out decision. Augmentation agencies take on all tasks of finding potential employees. And outsourcing completely negates the problem of headhunting, since you simply delegate your project to specialists with the necessary knowledge and experience.

Final Words

Finding the perfect candidate is a tough challenge, whether it is a software developer or a product designer. But do not despair. There are many options from which to choose. You can follow the above mentioned expert tips when headhunting, contract an augmentation agency or outsource your project to a distant vendor with much cheaper prices.

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