Dr. Dish Basketball is to the rescue with the first ever shooting machine designed for the home. Their top-of-the-line automatic basketball rebounding machines let you shoot up to 1000 balls an hour.

The Dr. Dish home machine rebounds balls to you rapidly, allowing you to focus on your shot form, training muscle memory. And by shooting 1000 reps per hour, players’ confidence is sure to increase. The Dr. Dish membership app operates the machine, unlocking over 150 workouts and drills from professional trainers. Simply fire up the app and start the drill to get reps on-demand.

You can even create custom drills. Select your shot locations in the passing order, then choose your drill goal from five different goals meant to motivate you, including made, taken, timed, make it mode, and streak. Each is designed to drill a different skill, then set how many balls you want in each location and the tempo for each ball. This lets you customize the exact skills that you’re looking to improve.

The Dr. Dish app also lets you track and save your stats and compete with other users to gain a spot on the leaderboard. The Dr. Dish home machine is easy to set up and more compact than other shooting machines on the market. The compact design also makes it easier to move and store.

Purchase your Dr. Dish home machine today and use Promo code: NEWSWATCH for $100 off at DrDishBasketball.com