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The average individual spends nearly four hours each day on their smartphone, with apps accounting for roughly 90 percent of that time. Why don’t users convert that mindless browsing into real money? Here’s a list of some of the best money-making apps that will help someone make some extra money on the side.



Part-time Hustle Apps



Uber is one of the best and most profitable side hustle applications. Because the Uber app is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, one may set their own schedule and drive whenever they choose. Driving at peak hours may make a driver more money, and offering excellent service to the passengers is a wonderful way to earn some extra cash since some of them are generous enough to tip you.



Picking up food from diners and franchises and taking it to clients is what a DoorDash does the best. Drivers at DoorDash are paid a base salary and keep all their tips. Unlike ride sharing  businesses, DoorDash allows one to deliver with any type of vehicle. One can deliver on a motorcycle, bike, motorbike, or even on foot in some cities. Gas, parking, and tolls, on the other hand, are your responsibility.


Apps That Reward



HealthyWage is an application that pays users to reduce weight and offers a range of methods to earn money. One may either take on a weight reduction task on your own or join a team challenge to encourage each other to lose weight. The minimal weight loss target is 10%. If one loses a percentage of their body weight in a particular time, one may earn up to $300 with HealthyWage’s 10% Challenge.


Betting apps

Betting apps are a great way one can use to unwind after a hard day’s work. When it comes to gambling, one doesn’t have to spend decades seeking how to do so. One doesn’t need a Ph.D. in mathematics or anything like that. All one needs to do is make a few minor adjustments to how they actually gamble and play smartly. A good first step you can take is to look at the list where BBI rated popular sportsbooks to have an idea of which sites and apps one should use and avoid the hassle of getting scammed by fraudulent sites.



Achievement is a wonderful application to use if one requires more accountability to meet their health objectives. If one exercises and keeps to a dietary plan, they may double-dip and win even more incentives. Other fitness applications, such as Fitbit or MyFitnessPal, may be synced with this app. Users can earn points that can be redeemed for cash. 10,000 points are worth $10, which one may cash out at a bank or through PayPal. One can also opt to contribute their points to a good cause.


Passive Income Apps



Neighbor clients earn passive revenue by keeping other people’s items in their extra home space. If one has an unutilized garage, attic, or basement, they may create passive money with this software.


Renting out a room, like any other kind of passive income, takes an initial time investment. However, Neighbor does the majority of the legwork by connecting people to you.


All one has to do is create an ad, and tenants will apply to secure a space. One  has 48 hours to review the candidate’s description, ask questions, and decide. If one does not act within that window, the reservation will be denied automatically.



Honeygain is a software that leverages information from ones internet surfing history to assist businesses with information. Users that install Honeygain can receive up to $19 per month, according to the company’s website.


This amount, however, is determined by one’s internet speed, locality, and other variables. Even if users earn less than the amount stated, it is a completely passive method of earning money. Users don’t need to do anything after downloading Honeygain.



If someone is looking for a good method for saving up money for the future and investing for retirement, Acorns is a great app for doing so.


Acorns is among the greatest investment applications accessible, with a user-friendly platform and layout. It’s simple to sign up, and one can either set aside a specific amount each month or round up cash from every item they buy with a connected account. The app will accept the change and deposit it into your Acorns account.



Most people probably heard of Nielsen statistics for Television programs, but it turns out that Nielsen compensates users to gather data on subjects other than television. The company  is particularly interested in internet usage to gather information.


What does this imply for someone that decides to use this app?  Nielsen will pay anyone $50 per year to keep their software on a user’s preferred internet surfing gadget. The program itself anonymously gathers statistics on your internet activity, so one never has to worry about any information being connected to them