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Godex is the cryptocurrency exchange active since 2018, and its headquarters are located in Seychelles. This is quite a common exchange in the world of crypto. has a referral program to earn the commission by referring it to new users. The exchange provides you a commission of 0.45% on the new user’s trades. However, the referral commission will increase up to 0.05% if the new user trades 50 BTC using your referral link. However, the commission could increase up to 0.60%. Undoubtedly, the affiliate program by is quite generous.

Trading View

Each exchange platform comes up with its trading view where you can see everything related to it. You can see the price chart of some cryptocurrencies offered by the platform and their current price on the exchange’s websites. However, you’ll also get the buy and sell boxes option on it so that you can easily place the order of relevant crypto. Moreover, you can check the order history too in case of any issue. Therefore, everything will be available for you in the same place, so you’ll not need to get stuck in the hassle of windows. Visit to get to know more details about the exchange and trading view. 

Trading Fees

On, every time you place the order, you’ll have to pay the trading fees too. Mainly the trading fee is a percentage that one has to pay according to the trade order. In most exchanges, you’ll find two options, including makes and takers. Here the takers are the ones who “take” the order placed in the order book. However, in the, there are no order books or anything like that. Instead, the makes and takers will pay the same fees, which they call a flat fee that could be 1.50% or according to the order.

Withdrawal fees does not charge any fees if you withdrawal the crypto from your account on it. But you’ll have to pay the network fees paid to the miners of crypto, not to the exchange. There is quite variable in the network fees, and it changes daily. The network fees of each cryptocurrency are according to their miners.

Deposit methods

The only allows you to deposit cryptocurrency, and to trade here, you must have a cryptocurrency first. Those who do not have crypto but still want to start the account on can go with the fiat on-ramps option. That means you can use it as an exchange to deposit cash regularly. After that, you can purchase the crypto and transfer it to start the trading process. 

Us Investor

Well, block the US investors on the exchange. So those from the US and looking for an exchange should not consider this platform; otherwise, you’ll end up disappointing after knowing its limits. However, to get to know which exchange is valid in your state, you can visit alligator, where you’ll get the details about each exchange, their fees, trading process, and the operational areas too.

Key Features Of

Here are the basic features of

  • You can start the trading without any delays on this platform as no registration or KYC is required.
  • It has no limits, so you can easily do trading without setting limited coins.
  • By fixing the rate, you’ll be safe from the higher fees.
  • It provides you with the best rates and chooses the best deals for you so that you’ll get the profit out of it.
  • The customer support team is always there is assist you in case of any issue.