Our relationship with music has changed in recent years. Whereas only a few years ago we were buying physical copies of albums, digital streaming came along and completely changed the landscape. Now it’s about to change once again with Pixelynx. This new venture is essentially a music metaverse where the lines between music, gaming, and even blockchain are blurred. Now, this unique gaming platform sees fans exploring virtual worlds on both their desktops and their phones, discovering content curated by their favorite artists.

The company has been founded by musicians, so Deadmau5 and Richie Hawtin. So, we have a very interesting perspective on building a platform, that first and foremost, comes from an artistic viewpoint, and something that’s been designed for the music industry. We’re working very closely with the team at Niantic. who built Pokémon Go, so we’re launching our mobile application. The music industry has struggled with monetization for a number of years. The current paradigm of streaming doesn’t necessarily work for every artist. So, there is an important opportunity and I think need, to try and find different ways for artists to monetize and make a career. And that’s one of the things that we’re really focused on, is trying to find interesting new business models and ways for fans and artists to enjoy the music.

But in the long term, our vision really, is to help bring together this ecosystem of products and platforms around music in the metaverse. So, we’re building a pretty large ecosystem of creators of different products, of different businesses, and connecting the dots between all of them to reimagine how music is consumed and monetized.

You can find out more about the future where the dots between music and gaming connect, by visiting their website at pixelynx.io today.