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The introduction of online betting sites in the state of New York early in 2022 represented one of the most important advances in the iGaming industry in recent years. In fact, the industry has been so warmly welcomed that New York has already passed New Jersey and Nevada in terms of the amount wagered.

The Full Details

Online betting became legal in New York in January 2022 after the introduction of new legislation. There is no doubt that the Super Bowl, which was played on February 13, helped bring many bettors to the newly launched sites in that state. However, experts are still impressed by the total wagering of close to $2 billion in 30 days, as reported by

Due to this high level of betting, the state authorities have collected $78.5 million in taxes already, which is far more than had been expected. This is due to 51% of gross gaming revenue in the state being paid as taxes. State Senator Joseph P. Addabbo Jr is quoted as calling the numbers “amazing” and “incredible”.

These figures also make it the country’s biggest gambling state now. In the week running up to Super Bowl LVI between the Los Angeles Rams and the Cincinnati Bengals, over $470 million was wagered in bets by New Yorkers. This accounted for about a quarter of the bets made across the US, and the big game was eventually watched by an average of over 112 million viewers, according to

The Technology That Makes It Possible

The fact that online gambling is regulated at the state level means that these sites need to be restricted to only those people who live in the appropriate state. This means that geolocation services are used to let the operator find out exactly where each customer is logging on from.

One of the key issues with online sportsbooks is the need for a wide range of sports, with odds that have to be constantly updated. Any delay in updating the odds to reflect the latest news and action could result in losses for the sportsbook operator, so the platform needs to be fully automated to allow instant updates without causing any delays for users.

The website lets us see the work that goes into producing this sort of betting site. Their model allows secure sportsbooks and casinos to be added to a trusted platform. Localization and customization options then give the operator the chance to create exactly what the local market demands.

It’s also worth remembering that the key operators in New York are brands that have opened betting sites in other American states with regulated online gambling. This helps to explain how they have been able to bring their sites up to speed in New York so quickly and smoothly.

The presence of the Super Bowl has perhaps inflated the figures for the start of the year, as this is traditionally the biggest event in the calendar for American sports fans. However, it also seems clear that the sportsbooks in New York are reaping the rewards for implementing sites that offer what their customers are looking for, and with no fuss.