A recent survey found that 66% of households have a table that wobbles. That means there’s a good chance you’re living with and being eternally irritated by a wobbly table. Sure, you could shove folded up cardboard under, you know, a table leg, but that’s ugly and really isn’t gonna solve your problem. We have something that will, Stable the Table. Made in the USA, this brilliant invention was designed by a father and son team to solve the uneven issue affecting millions of tables in homes and restaurants.

The high-tech rubber compound design gives it flexibility, stability, and durability. Simply place it between a short table leg and the ground in order to fill the irregular gap, and that’s it. You can stack them to fix any truly egregious gaps that come from poor table design or uneven ground. Stable the Table comes in multiple shapes and colors, so they go unnoticed and never clash with your decor. Use them on stone, wood, or concrete flooring, or even on carpets and rugs. Put the problem of wobbly tables behind you with this sleek, easy-to-use solution. Purchase your Stable the Table in whatever quantity you need by heading on over to stablethetable.com today.