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Smart home technology innovations are becoming more intuitive and functional. They take the place of old-fashioned gadgets to provide more comfort. The ever-expanding industry has already delivered products such as the Progressive gaming desk and an electric height-adjustable desk, without which modern work and leisure lives would be impossible to imagine. Let’s look at the latest technological innovations that people will want to have in their homes in 2022.

What Are the New Technologies for Homes?

Every year, technology makes homes smarter. There are always people who “need that thing” to improve their living space. And they do it for a reason as technology does work.

1. Smart Sensors

Sensors form the foundation of any smart home. They allow you to track movement, turn on/off lighting, track burglars’ entry into the house through windows, and detect smoke and leaks.

These devices are typically large and bulky. With the progress of technology, they are going to be replaced by smarter sensors with advanced functionality and smaller size.

2. Smart Health Monitoring Light

With the spread of the global pandemic, monitoring technology has expanded its areas of application even further. Many respondents, for example, stated that they would like to construct an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) to house a loved one in need of care.

And monitoring technology will play an important role in this. Sengled, a manufacturer of smart lighting, recently unveiled the Smart Health Monitoring Light.

It is a Bluetooth/Wi-Fi enabled bulb. It employs radar technology to measure the biometrics of the human body and alerts users when critical parameters deviate from the norm.

3. Smart Toilet TOTO Washlet

Because the majority of people continue to work from home, it was critical for developers to consider not only the comfort of the homeowners but also their health. As a result, technology has advanced home WCs too by introducing TOTO Washlet.

This smart toilet will not only raise/lower the lid, heat the frame, and clean itself of germs, but also analyze its owner’s faeces and make dietary recommendations via a mobile app.

4. Smart Motion Blinds

This high-tech device is compatible with Apple HomeKit technology. It supports Bluetooth and can be integrated into a smart home system for management via a smartphone. The blinds can be programmed to open and close on a schedule, and interact with other HomeKit accessories.

5. Smart Bathing Device

This gadget is designed for people who are always on the go. It allows you to immerse yourself in relaxation without lifting a finger.

It has a voice assistant that allows you to control how his bathtub fills, heats, and drains. Furthermore, it will provide you with your preferred depth and temperature, which is especially important when washing a child.

6. Robot Vacuum Cleaner

This device will undoubtedly simplify your life. It will not only clean your house but also remove dirt from the floor and mop it. It also has a turbo system that allows for faster mopping and a shinier floor.

This vacuum cleaner accepts direct commands, which means you do not need a smartphone or a control pad to use it. It will empty itself after cleaning your house.

If you are a tech enthusiast, you will undoubtedly enjoy these cutting-edge technological solutions. Some of these devices are already on the market. As a result, you will be able to enjoy their functionality and aesthetic very soon.