Movie Talk – The Best Streaming Services

We’re switching up the way we do Movie Talk for the day to talk a bit about streaming services. Nowadays it seems like there’s an endless catalog of streaming services from apps all about movies like HBO MAX to cable-like services like Pluto. Today we’re going to go through our top streaming services and give you a run down of what we love about our top streaming apps.

Apple TV

It’s no surprise that one of the biggest companies in the world would have a pretty good streaming service. With amazing content like Raised by Wolves and See, Apple TV has easily strolled to one of our top 3 streaming services out there. The amount of amazing films is not the only benefit you get with Apple TV, but you can pair your Paramount Plus with Apple TV and stream from one site. Pretty cool right? Well, it gets better. It’s also the cheapest. At five bucks it’s hard to not put Apple TV in the upper echelon of streaming services.


HBO MAX is another highly recommended streaming service that we can confidently say you won’t regret getting. When the pandemic hit, movie theaters began to close down and it left a lot of people wondering where they were going to catch their favorite movies of the year, well HBO MAX came to the rescue and allowed brand new movies to be streamed at no additional price, (Looking at you Disney+) and that’s not all. For people who had bought HBO previously, they were also given free HBO MAX.

HBO is well known for the number of movies in its arsenal and the app is no different. You can find great movies like The Batman, Tenet, and Dune, it’s hard to not see the $9.99 price tag as a small price to pay. And if you’re a real big spender you can pay $14.99 to not have ads. HBO MAX isn’t just about their movies either, Euphoria, Game Of Thrones, and Westworld makes HBO MAX one of the best streaming services all for the price of a movie ticket.


Hulu isn’t as impressive as the previous streaming sites we’ve covered but with movies like Parasite and The Kings Man and TV shows like Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Rick and Morty, and Vikings, we had to put it on one of the top spots. And this is all before even mentioning the price. At $6.99 with ads and only $12.99 without ads, We can say that Hulu is definitely going to give you more bang for your buck.


Of course, you knew We had to pay our respects to the Godfather of streaming services, Netflix. Often the first service you think of when you think of streaming services, Netflix has one of the largest catalogs out there. With memorable shows like Stranger Things, The Witcher, and Squid Game, you’re sure to find something you like if you look hard enough.

With that being said, that’s IF (yeah, big if) you can actually find something you want to watch. All that selection can often murk the waters, and in conjunction with their not-so-stellar Netflix Original movies, some could find it hard to justify the minimum subscription of $9.99 and highest subscription of $19.99 a bit too steep for the lackluster lineup of movies.

That’s not to say that there aren’t any good movies on Netflix, Hustle, Don’t Look Up, and The Platform is just a taste of what Netflix has to offer when it comes to amazing movies.

Amazon Prime Video

While it’s true that Amazon Prime Video has a few notable movies like Revenant, and Logan, and TV shows such as The Boys, and Community, there’s not much going for them after that. One of the biggest things Amazon Prime Video has going for itself is the fact that it’s free with your Amazon Prime subscription. So you can watch an episode of that random gardening show Andrew likes while waiting for that Hello Kitty mug you’ve had your eye on.