close up of asian young man play game with 5g smartphone in the metroclose up of asian young man use 5g smartphone on the mrt

Some prehistoric archaeological finds highlight that humans have enjoyed gaming for thousands of years. In fact, the modern board game Go, which is still played worldwide, has been estimated to date back to the 2ndmillennium BC. Others, like mancala, stretch back to the 7th century AD with possible origins in Ancient Egypt.

Today, most of these games have changed according to modern tastes. Go, for example, can now be played via mobile device by users who are geographically seperated. Meanwhile, the successful board game Five Tribes is a modern reiteration of mancala.

The most popular form of modern gaming uses consoles like Xbox and PlayStation, along with PCs. The rise of these eSports has placed more emphasis on learning to think and act quickly in a game’s setting—but not all gamers want to play a first-person shooter or in a battle arena. In fact, some are more interested in logic and puzzles that include strategic tactics.

And, with almost half a million gaming apps available in the Google Store and another one million available in the Apple App Store, there’s no reason to settle for a typical title like Call of Dutyor League of Legends. Keep a lookout for these top puzzle and strategy games, which are available on browser and mobile devices now.


A Classic: Roulette

As one of the world’s most popular casino games, roulette can be found in virtual settings almost everywhere. While some might want to recreate the exciting experience of a live table in Vegas, the game is just as riveting from a strategic perspective. At first, many players look into the mathematical complexities and debunk myths of the game, like those related to black and red colors. From there, the game’s long history means there are then countless tactics to try out.


New Title: REBUS

Games like roulette have been around for centuries, while titles like REBUS combine elements of popular games to reinvent strategic challenges. REBUS relies on pictures and short phrases to create quick brainteasers that progressively become more difficult. If you’re a fan of word puzzles like Scrabble and games like Pictionary, REBUS will keep you busy for hours—or maybe even days.


A Classic: Tetris

What started as a puzzle-based arcade game, released back in 1984, has since spiraled into one of the most globally ubiquitous puzzle games. Unsurprisingly, it came straight from the brain of an engineer. Like roulette, the game’s winning scheme involves equal elements of surprise, chance, and probability—and it’s likely to have the same sticking power as the casino game. So far, Tetris remains one of the most-downloaded apps in the world.


New Title: Lumen

Lumen combines elements of beautiful graphics to reimagine puzzle games. The virtual title requires users to put together a series of mirrors so that a single light refracts off each and navigates a puzzle board. Users will be challenged to think five steps ahead as they create a layout, then tinker in order to perfect it. Each puzzle helps uncover more of an intriguing story, which adds an element of RPG gameplay to the logic-first title.


A Classic: Domino Maze

Like Go and mancala, dominoes also date back centuries. Like Go, the game has its roots in China and remains one of the world’s most-played titles. However, it doesn’t easily translate to mobile devices—at least, until Infoexpert Games reinvented the classic for mobile devices with their Domino Maze. It’s a new twist that requires users to find their friends by navigating a maze of falling pieces.


New Title: The Witness

Similar to Lumen, game developers who created The Witness incorporate elements of storytelling to enhance the playability of their puzzle games—all without compromising the game’s underlying emphasis on logic. The project lets users explore an island in an open-world setting, then challenges them with puzzles at various natural and man-made structures. There’s just one huge twist: none of the puzzles come with instructions. Think you’re ready to push your logical thinking to the limits? Start here.