senior taking a gold bitcoin of his wallet - indoor - future payment and money concept

Now, many people are talking about Bitcoin and its prospective future and how one can earn big with the right timing and proper strategy. Well, most of it is true; there is a lot of scope with crypto investment which can be learnt at, and if done correctly can give outcomes. But, there are so many options out there that one can get confused when it comes to bitcoin investments. The first step for bitcoin investment is to buy it. But, as it is a highly volatile market and the risks are also pretty high, one must be careful while buying Bitcoin. If you are confused about taking the decisions and want some clarity, then here are a bunch of tips that will help you make informed decisions and not rash ones.

  • Choosing the right platformand wallet

Before buying bitcoin, one should first research thoroughly and choose a reliable platform. Multiple trading platforms are available out there. However, the negative side is that not all of them are reliable and honest and can carry risks. Therefore, one should find a good platform for trading.

Also, storing the coins safely after buying them is necessary. A good platform will have better safety protocols and be more protected against any hacks or frauds. They can provide a good bitcoin wallet. But, choosing a cold wallet or hardware wallet would be the safest idea one can have.

  • Time your buy

One of the decisions to be taken is the time to buy the Bitcoin. Unlike other trading instruments, the bitcoin market is very fluctuating. It can go up and down within a short period. So, one must research the market patterns. Mostly, when the price of Bitcoin has been running on a growth graph for too long, there is a chance of the price dropping. This is also called the correction period. If the market is on the rise for too long, then avoid investing during that time, as there is a chance to lose value when the market corrects itself by declining sharply. Rather, buy bitcoin when the price is low and have a chance to increase in the future.

  • Keep control of emotions

Trading is both a technical experience and an emotional one. As the market rises and falls, a trader will go through multiple emotions, from happiness to frustration and despair. Therefore, it is easy to fall into the cycle of trading with emotions instead of relying on objectiveness. When the traders are doing something, all other traders tend to follow with a herding mentality. This can be pretty dangerous. Thus, it is crucial to avoid the feeling of FOMO while trading and trust the analysis and market signals.

  • Bubble can crash

When one plans to buy Bitcoin, the most common thinking is that Bitcoin is a bubble. This means they believe that Bitcoin’s value is overvalued, and therefore, it will not crash shortly. But, this is a myth. This thinking makes the traders relaxed and less vigilant, believing they can escape before the market crashes. But, the market can crash anytime, and it may not be that easy to walk out unscathed. Therefore, one should be alert and not blindly believe in the bubble theory.

  • Study the market

One of the best things about Bitcoin trading is that there are hundreds of reliable resources for information and data. Use the data and everything to understand the trading patterns, market conditions, and behavior. Studying will also help you understand the risk associated with the market and you can compare it with your risk-taking capacity. Studying the market and behavior of investors will help chalk out a strategy that will be more objective than subjective.

  • Start small

Another thing to keep in mind while planning to buy Bitcoin for the first time is the amount to invest. Yes, spending big bucks just because the market is rising or growing can be tempting. But, it can be risky as well. This is a volatile market, and it does not take much time for the prices to fall. This can lead to significant losses. Therefore, it is always suggested that one must start with a small amount and then eventually increase the investment to have better control over the money.


When planning to invest in Bitcoin, it is crucial to have a more extensive view instead of a tunnel view based on some opinions. Check out resources, talk to experts, and then decide to avoid mistakes.