Online sportsbooks and casinos are fast becoming the go-to for bettors looking to place a wager. With the loosening of restrictions and employment of robust tech, you can now gamble from the comfort of your home and still see the same winnings.


Depending on where you live, there are online sports betting platforms that serve your particular region. Gambling is still heavily regulated and each state or country brings with it a hefty serving of legislation to keep it in check.


One area that is often misunderstood is South East Asia. Made up of numerous countries like Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and The Philippines, this region in Asia is often viewed as “all bets are off” on gambling. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. These countries in South East Asia are heavily regulated and definitely don’t have an “anything goes” gambling industry.


Let’s take Thailand for example. People visiting Bangkok might have an image of excess, and while there’s certainly a party scene there, there are laws in place to keep things in order. In terms of gambling, the only bets permitted by law are the state-sponsored lottery and horse racing.


That’s not to say there isn’t illegal gambling in Thailand. There is, and plenty of it. But these are not sanctioned by the government, and you risk running afoul of the law if you partake in this form of betting. It’s best to look up the local gambling regulations of whatever country you find yourself in before you place your first bet.


Even if you’re in The Philippines or Singapore, where they have a lot looser gambling laws, you’re still going to want to make sure you’re betting through a legal establishment that is in compliance with all local laws. Singapore may have popular brick-and-mortar casinos and allow both sports and lottery betting, but online gambling is illegal. The Philippines allows both. Go figure.


Online gambling is a lot newer than in-person gambling which has been going on for centuries. And because it’s so new there are some countries that have very few laws, if any, on the books that regulate online gambling. Thailand may only allow the state-sponsored lottery and horse racing, but they’ve not approved any specific legislation regarding online gambling, making it a prevalent activity in the country. So it’s not strictly legal or illegal. Again, do your research.


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