VPNs are a popular way to browse and use the internet, but for some reason, even in 2022, they are still not fully understood. We’re going to break it down for you so you fully understand what a VPN is and why so many use it to protect their privacy.

What is a VPN?


Let’s start with a simple definition. What is a VPN exactly? Understanding what the abbreviation stands for will probably clear it up right then and there. The letters VPN are short for Virtual Private Network. It’s almost self-explanatory, right?


It’s essentially a closed off network or channel in which you can access and browse the internet without anyone, hackers or otherwise, intruding on your activity. This private, encrypted tunnel is where all of your data will be sent and received as long as you’re logged in.


Because there’s no outside access into your VPN, bad actors and unscrupulous organizations can’t access your browsing history or glean your location. This is especially useful when using a public Wi-Fi network.


Typically, people use a VPN in order to hide their location. The VPN accomplishes this by hiding the user’s IP address. It’s able to do this by assigning random IP addresses whenever you log in to your own VPN. Think of it like an intermediary between you and the internet. It shields you from anyone or anything outside your secure tunnel.


Do VPNs Cost Money?

As you can imagine, creating a secure channel from which you can carry out all of your internet activities worry-free is no small undertaking. A lot goes into making sure your privacy is a priority, so you can expect VPNs to cost money.


That said, there are ways to set up and log in to a free VPN. You have to find a service that offers either a free trial or limited access for a low or no payment and that doesn’t violate your privacy with ads. One of the most popular free VPNs on the market is PrivadoVPN.


PrivadoVPN runs out of Switzerland, which is one of the best places for a VPN service to operate out of. That’s because it’s outside the scope of the 14 Eyes Alliance, the collection of countries who share intelligence information with each other.


This service is easily the best way to gain access to a VPN free of charge. When you download the PrivadoVPN app and use their freemium plan, you’ll see no logs, no ads, no speed throttling and you’ll get up to 10 GB of data completely free every 30 days. Let me be clear, that is not a sneaky way to get you to plug in your credit card information so they’ll run it when you forget to cancel. No, PrivadoVPN doesn’t require any payment info.


If you want to upgrade to their premium plan, that’s where you’ll get unlimited data with up to 10 simultaneous connections and even a SOCKS5 proxy, which essentially creates a proxy server and is more application specific in terms of what it encrypts.


PrivadoVPN is one of the best VPN options on the market where you won’t break the bank. In fact, it’s one of the best ways to spend zero money and still protect your internet activities.