Photo: Christian Wiediger

By: Nick Gambino

Amazon has set the dates for its annual discount splurge event — Prime Day. While the name suggests it’s only a one-day sale, it actually occurs over 48 hours (less than that technically but for the sake of argument we’ll just say it’s two days).

Amazon’s Prime Day 2022 kicks off at 3 am on Tuesday, July 12th and will continue through Wednesday, July 13th. It was held a little earlier last year in June, but at least they’re sticking to a summer schedule. And still, it’s better than the fall timing in 2020 due to the pandemic.

Over the two days you’ll see a ton of official Amazon sellers dropping prices on their goods. The online retail giant claims you’ll see the “lowest prices ever” this year. Plenty of sellers participate in the event which brings larger numbers than usual to the platform.

The discount extravaganza will see sales on everything from electronics and bath products to decor items and books. Now, that doesn’t mean every seller is going to offer the lowest price ever but select retailers will. The ones you can expect in that category are companies like Beats, Sony, Bose and others of that ilk.

One thing you can be sure of is that Amazon devices like the Fire TV Cube and Fire TV Stick Lite are going to be marked down. Even their Omni 4K TV is going for cheap. That particular product will fetch for a low $299.99 which is $260 below the normal price.

It’s SOP for Amazon to start offering deals early and in this case they’re 3-4 weeks early. If you head over now, you’ll see they are already in full swing with plenty of electronic devices experiencing sizeable markdowns.

As we’ve seen in earlier years, Prime Day forces a ton of sales in the lead-up to the big day(s). Even other retailers like Target and BestBuy use the hype to mark down their own inventory. It’s like Prime Day has become another Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

Prime Day is open to any Prime member in the U.S. and scores of other countries like Canada. France, Italy, Mexico, Spain and the U.K.