Golden Bitcoin Cryptocurrency. New Virtual money concept.

Recently Bitcoin is in the news. It is because of a steady increase in value. As per some, it is too late for Bitcoin as it could be valued less than gold. Yet others strongly believe that the crypto could be worth much more than the metal. If you are interested in Bitcoin trading, you can use a reputable trading platform like

A lot of experts believe that BTC as a digital asset is still in the early stages. It could go higher. It is not the main reason to stay bullish on BTC. It is predicted that its price in 2024 on average will be 58492.73 USD. It is a huge increase from its present price of nearly $40000.

Also, its price in 2025 is predicted to be 76,950.65 USD on average. But more important is that its price in January 2026 will be $112,471.51 on average. It indicates that the crypto could potentially be valued more than gold.

No regulation of government

Bitcoin works similarly to traditional currencies. Yet there are no physical coins and bills. Rather BTC is created via a process known as mining. Miners get rewarded with BTC to verify and validate transactions on this network. BTC proved to be strong against economic deflation and political unrest. The value of Bitcoin significantly increased over the last few years. But there is not any assurance that it will continue to do so.

Bitcoin’s value may be more than gold

One of the main reasons for people investing in BTC is its potential of becoming a worldwide currency. Unlike other traditional currencies like the Euro or the US dollar, Bitcoin is never controlled by a government or any financial institution. Thus they are an alluring option for investment because they can get used for buying goods or services globally.

Another reason why BTC may be valued more than precious metals is crypto’s increasing demand. Many people believe cryptos will be becoming very popular in the upcoming days. Thus it could significantly increase their value.

In 2017 November, BTC fell from nearly $20000 to under $4000 within a few days. This crash was so severe that its price has not returned to those heights till now. Now there are over 10,000 cryptos. Most of them crashed just as bad as or worse than BTC.

Cryptos and Bitcoin are unique. They make use of much the same type of concepts such as decentralized apps or blockchain. But they come with some unique differences. The first thing is that they both are digital currencies. People think of money only in terms of coins or physical cash. But this is not completely true. Many people never carry physical currency with them daily. They hold all their money in their bank accounts.

The next difference is that these are cryptos. They make use of blockchain technology for keeping track of all. They ensure that no one is capable of tampering with the data.

You must understand that making money with this crypto is possible today. But it is never possible to make any fortune out of it. Some people believe that BTC will make a comeback. They are always ready to place a bet on it with their money. Bitcoin has few great uses, it is indeed the best way to make money. But be careful and avoid scammers.

Should you buy Bitcoin now?

As you are aware that it is not very late for BTC, the next query that you will have is whether you should buy this crypto now or not. Few believe that it is now a great time to buy BTC. It is because if we wait more, its price will increase too much. So if anyone is interested in BTC, then they must buy a few now and then watch how everything is going. There are various ways of buying BTC. Few of them are better compared to others. So if you wish to get hold of the best deal, research a bit.


Despite the bear crypto market, Bitcoin is still a viable crypto. It could be valued more than gold in the upcoming days. As long as the tech is secure, investors must continue holding onto their crypto. There is much prospect for this digital asset to increase again in value in the future. So investors need to stay alert.