An abundance of light is crucial for commercial growing and spider farmer is your best bet to grow optimally. The SE7000 commercial grow light is a 730-watt life saver when your plant needs that extra bit of sun from germination all the way to flowering. Whatever the size of your plant, the unique bar lighting design allocates even distribution of light to make sure theres no dark spots.

But thats not all the special qualities, the SE7000 light bar also comes fully water-proof thanks to a special glue so watering your demanding plants will be no problem! No matter if youre in the U.S.,Canada, Austrailia, UK, or E.U., you can expect lightning fast shipping in just a few days. Youll also get a 5-year warranty for any service you might need. And what kind of pal woulf we be if we didnt give you all the hookup? Well head on over to today and use code NWTX for an extra 8% off the best growing light on the market.

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