Dr.Clobo – Consult With A Doctor Anywhere, Any Time!

I think we can all say it’s important to monitor and manage your health regularly. And now more than ever before, it’s easy and convenient with apps that reside right in your phone. You can consult a doctor anywhere and at any time with the Dr. Clobo app. The Dr. Clobo smart camera and telehealth app provides users access to physicians without having to travel to an office or a facility.

The healthcare camera was designed to allow you to take detailed images of your mouth, ears, and nose, which are traditionally difficult places to capture a clear picture, as well as your skin and scalp. And if you’ve ever tried to take a picture of one of those areas with your phone camera, you’ll see why this is such an innovative device. The interchangeable and washable camera heads make it easy to maintain as well.

When you purchase the device, you’ll receive a camera head designed to capture clear images inside the mouth, as well as a camera head that clearly sees inside your ears and nose. The app is likewise, extremely easy to use. Here’s all you have to do. Download the Dr. Clobo app from the Google Play or App Store. Fire it up and take a photo or video with the Dr. Clobo healthcare camera.

Snap detailed pictures of your mouth, ears, nose, skin, or scalp and once you’re satisfied with the image, you’ll tap Consultation and then you’ll answer a short questionnaire. Next, you’ll see a list of recommended doctors that you can connect with. Select the best one for you. Fill in relevant details, attach to the photo and book your consultation. You’ll receive a text message at your scheduled time. Yes, it is really all that easy.

You can purchase the Dr. Clobo healthcare camera from drbclobo.com and download the app in the Google Play or App Store.