Mana – The Debit Card by Gamers For Gamers

Gaming is all about strategizing to win. That means winning games, and rewards, and unlocking achievements. Well, there’s a new way to unlock real world rewards while you game. It’s called Mana. Mana is a unique checking account and debit card designed specifically for gamers with quest based rewards and points for every in-app purchase. You can use the points that you earn on things that you actually care about like video games, gift cards, and a slew of other gaming items.

So we felt that there was a need for the Mana app because the banking industry wasn’t providing the rewards programs that gamers were interested in. Each game is a separate ecosystem, so there wasn’t a thread connecting all of them. And we’re trying to be that financial thread and provide the rewards that gamers are interested in. So what sets us apart from the competition are twofold. First, from the banking competition. So in a traditional banking app, you won’t find the rewards that gamers are interested in.

You’ll find rewards for travel, for restaurants. You won’t find rewards for discounts on games or for some subscriptions that you’d really want to have as a gamer. So a lot of gaming products are really pushing you to play this game over and over again, and try to pull rewards out. What we’re doing is we’re allowing you to play all of the games that you like, that you normally play, and because you’re playing those, we’re giving you rewards within your bank account.

So people can sign up for the Mana app by downloading the app to their mobile phone. So it’s available in both Android and iOS. Install the app on your phone and sign up for your bank account, and get approved immediately.

Game the system today with Mana. To find out more and start earning while you play, head on over to