Legislate – Essential Legal Docs Without the Headache

Creating reading and managing legal contracts can be overwhelming. Luckily, there’s an app designed to help you keep your head above water, even when you don’t have a legal budget. Now, the Legislate app makes it easy for non-lawyers to create contracts, using lawyer-approved templates, and customize them to their exact specifications. Here’s how it works. First, select the type of agreement that you want to create.

This could be an employment agreement or a tendency agreement. Next, customize the template to include all the details for your unique situation and set your exact terms. Then add parties with additional signatories that you may require. You can invite parties using their email address as well. Finally, you’re ready for signatures. After everything is signed, Legislates patented knowledge graph makes the whole thing machine-readable at scale and speed.

Post signature questions are easy to answer, too. Questions like, “How many employees that have a tenure of more than three years, or on a 30-day notice period?” That information is at your fingertip, without the extra heavy lifting that usually goes into managing dense legal contracts. And it seamlessly integrates with existing systems that you might already be using. Get started today, by heading on over to legislate.tech/signup.