My Wardrobe – Fashion Shouldn’t Cost the Earth.

The fashion industry is the second largest global polluter right behind the oil industry. Now, while that may be shocking to some, if you consider the fact that they run on a linear business model that’s not sustainable, then you start to understand why. MyWardrobe Online is an app created to fix this problem.

It’s a clothing resale platform designed to empower women who want to be both stylish and environmentally focused by creating a circular economy where they take a regenerative approach as opposed to the linear model of take, make and dispose. We can then cut down on waste and pollution.

Using an in-app currency they call kudos, myWardrobe Online allows women to sell quality items right from their closet and then use those kudos to buy something else. Think of it like a reward system where you sell something and can then reward yourself with new stylish clothes without adding to the waste problem. You may choose to use cash or in-app kudos currency without any commission on kudos.

To find out more about this revolutionary, new sustainable platform, head on over to, and to download the app, simply go to the Google play or App store.