WELD App – The Largest Welding Community is Here!

No matter the industry that you’re passionate about, networking with like-minded individuals is a big part of it. You wanna find other people who share your passion and help you grow. For those passionate about welding, there’s a new app just for you. weld.com has been the industry’s go-to channel for all things welding, providing instructional videos and advice for novices to professionals.

Now they’ve expanded into creating a community space with the WELD App. This is a central location for the global welding community to unite, sharing A to Z welding resources. Whether you’re looking for educational videos and how-to series, or job opportunities and industry connections, or if you just want to, well, show off your amazing work, the WELD App has everything that you’ll need. Industry professionals, teachers, students, and even vendors can link up on this one-of-a-kind networking app, creating a village no matter the physical distance.

The WELD App, like any social community, is generated by its members whose like-minded passions help create lifelong bonds. No matter where you are in the world, you can now join the global welding community. Download the WELD App on the Google Play or App Store today.