Cultivatd – Indoor Farming Done Right

Cultivatd is an Agtech company specializing in controlled environment agriculture. Leveraging their years of experience with indoor farming, the company helps match clients with the perfect indoor farm technology for you. Their recommendations take into account important factors like client budget, location, experience, and the level of involvement the customers wish to have with their operation. The company also offers farming as a service or FAAS for short. It’s a suite of agricultural management solutions for CEA facilities. From starting up your farm to fully managing it, they have the right services to support your indoor growing needs. Now we wanted to learn more so we spoke to Cultivatd managing partner, Eric Levesque. Eric, so let’s start off. Why is there a need for Cultivatd and what makes it so unique?

After nearly a decade of managing indoor farming projects, the problem has stayed the same. Everybody wants a vertical farm and nobody knows where to start. And so we’ve partnered with 50 of the best companies in the world, and we are able to offer hydroponic, aeroponic, and aquaponic solutions, greenhouses, containers. We have A to Z solutions regardless of where you’re at.

And what does the future look like for Cultivatd?

At Cultivatd, we’re on a mission and that’s to make vertical farming accessible to anyone, anywhere; creating food security for generations to come.

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