Decentralised finance, also known as DeFi, seems to be the new way forward when it comes to crypto. Whilst the crypto market is known to be constantly changing and can be seen as a risk at times, the idea of DeFi seems like it will stay and help shape the future of finance as a whole. As Bitcoin (BTC) was the first cryptocurrency to be created, it has influenced and shaped the crypto market significantly, especially when it comes to DeFi, but how does the new project, Aditize DAO (ADI) compete?

What Is Decentralisation?

Decentralisation was created by crypto as it removes the need for a third party such as a bank to control the funds of an individual. In society as we know it, the government is in control of all funds and finances for the public. No individual is able to open a bank account without providing the government with personal information, and we even have to go through an application process regarding income when it comes to credit cards. As some find this invasive, more individuals have been leaning towards cryptocurrency rather than everyday banking as it removes the need for any paperwork and government-controlled authority to be involved.


This is known as decentralisation: giving individuals complete power and control of their finances.

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Bitcoin’s (BTC) Influence On DeFi

Bitcoin has had a significant amount of influence on the crypto market and the DeFi sector. As the first-ever cryptocurrency, Bitcoin introduced a new way of finance to the world. Allowing users worldwide to access their funds without the need for a centralised organisation, Bitcoin altered the future of finance.


Bitcoin is powered by a blockchain network, meaning that it is not controlled by any institution. With the success BTC has seen over the past decade, it has proven to the world that banks and governments are not needed when it comes to banking and money.


Not only has Bitcoin influenced the market by being the first-ever cryptocurrency, that too a successful one, but it has shown other crypto project creators that decentralisation is very much possible and is the way forward. Hence, a lot of crypto projects focus heavily on DeFi, aiming to help individuals worldwide embrace this idea even further.

How Does Adirize DAO (ADI) Plan To Outperform Bitcoin (BTC)?

Adirize DAO is a prime example of a new project that has taken the influence of Bitcoin and is heavily focused on DeFi. However, Adirize DAO aims to tackle an issue that comes with Bitcoin: its stability.


Despite being the biggest cryptocurrency in the market, BTC suffers from high volatility. For example, it peaked as high as $67,000 in November 2021 before plummeting significantly. At the time of writing, BTC is at a low of around $20,000. Due to this, Adirize DAO believes that Bitcoin is unsuitable for everyday use. Rather, a currency should serve as a medium of monetary exchange with its value remaining stable over extended periods of time. A solution to this is stablecoins.


Adirize DAO is not a semi-centralised stable coin like USDT, but instead aims to be a decentralised reserve currency. This provides free-floating value to its users that they can always rely on due to the fractional reserves from which it derives its inherent value.

Can Adirize DAO (ADI) Truly Become The Next Big Thing?

Put simply, yes. Whilst there is always a level of risk that comes with every cryptocurrency, especially new projects, Adirize DAO has come up with a new way of helping users embrace DeFi without the fear of the value of the ADI token changing significantly over time, which is one of the biggest reasons as to why many individuals are hesitant when it comes to crypto.


With a clear plan in mind, it seems as if Adirize DAO can be truly decentralised, providing the people with power over their funds without any worries.


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