Guitar Blast – Learning Guitar At It’s Most Fun

Learning how to play guitar starts with learning notes. Knowing where all the notes are will allow you to then learn chords and eventually play guitar like a rock star. And to help you get started on your journey, check out the Guitar Blast app. It’s super easy to use. Simply grab your guitar and fire up the app.

Every time you play a note, it’ll listen and identify the note. You don’t need any extra hardware, you don’t even need to plug in. Your guitar is your game controller and Guitar Blast is your coach giving you real-time feedback on every note. Now the idea is to make it fun too. The app uses gamification to incentivize you to improve and eventually master all the notes on the fretboard. Choose between three different modes. Campaign mode where you’ll power through 100s of fun and interactive levels, developing muscle memory as you go until you don’t even need to look at your instrument to rock out.

Custom game mode allows you to design your own level that best suits you. And then there’s app mode and that’s where you’ll be able to practice on the go, even without your guitar. Learn to play guitar by downloading Guitar Blast today in the App Store.