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Business to Consumer (B2C)

Business to Consumer (B2C)


Bublup – Your Fundamental Folder Organization System

AppWatch/Biz Report Cloud storage is, in this digital age, a must-have. The ability to back up and store your media and access it from anywhere and at any time is not just...

Mashvisor – Real Estate Analytics Software for Investors

Biz Report If you’re looking to make a smart real estate investment, you’re going to want to do some research first. Mashvisor is a real estate data analytics software that helps investors hone...

The Most Secure and Robust Crowd-Investing Platform Is BRITE

Biz Report Small businesses are the heart and soul of this country and many of us want to find ways to support them. Now even small investors can, thanks to new regulation...

Download Datasets for Product Brands, Categories, and Retailer Offerings with Datafiniti

Biz Report Data is like currency. Without the free-flowing exchange in and out of businesses, success is next to impossible. Acting on accurate, up-to-date data allows companies to make the right decisions...
YLT Translationsvideo

YLT Translations – Helping Sellers Expand to All International Amazon Marketplaces

Biz Report Success in global sales relies on knowing and understanding not only the language of a specific region but the style of that area’s marketplace. That’s even true when you’re selling...
Data Commandvideo

Receive Cloud-Based Remote Monitoring Solutions with Data Command

Consumer Update Water and wastewater systems are vital to society. The ability to see your plant automation information, interact with your processes, and receive notifications on the go, especially when there is...

PEEKaMEET Helps Job Seekers and Freelancers Stay Above the Competition

Biz Report Being successful in business relies heavily on making connections. This is especially true when you’re just starting out and are on the hunt for a job, or better yet a...

Store Sensitive Business Files Through Multiple Platforms with Kapalya

Biz Report Enterprise data is constantly getting breached perpetrated by sophisticated cybercriminals, who are looking to penetrate your system, steal your data, and may demand a ransom payment. It’s no longer just some...

The Next-Generation Survey Tool for Both Customers and Employees Is Macorva

Biz Report Are you tired of investing valuable time and resources in surveys that fail to shine any real light on what actions you should take next, leaving you guessing rather than...

Phunware Provides Companies Everything They Need to Succeed in a Mobile-First World

Biz Report In order to survive in today’s corporate climate, companies must adapt to the times and more specifically, the digital times. Consumers want to engage with companies through their mobile devices...

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