Flow Water Fountain App – Over 250 Puzzles To Keep Your Mind Sharp

If you’re looking for a new way to pass the time while improving your mental acuity, then we’ve got you covered. You might recall a nifty game we found a while back, called the Flow Water Fountain 3D Puzzle. Well, they’re back and have taken the app to a whole new level, quite literally. 250 more levels to be exact. The Flow Water Fountain game is a unique puzzle game that exercises your brain while keeping you entertained. With 1000 levels to attain, each level of this game gets increasingly more difficult as you work to solve the puzzle. The goal is to make the water flow from its origin point to the color fountains, forming different waterfalls.

Create water cascades, and move stones, channels, and pipes through the 3D board to make each colored water flow to its destination. They’ve enhanced the game even more by adding water jets, watercolors, glass floors, new textures, and even more challenges. You’ll begin with basic levels but soon you’ll flow into harder levels all the way up to springs and where advanced puzzles take your puzzle-solving skills to the max. Join more than 10 million users by downloading the Flow Water Fountain game for free in the Google Play or App Store.