Text-to-speech (TTS) is an audio text reader technology that READS ALOUD TEXT written on your computers, smartphones, and tablets. TTS technology can grab the words from your device and convert them into audio form with a single click. From a Word file to an Excel sheet, TTS can read aloud all kinds of Text. It can also read aloud the web content on a web page. Text to speech software allows all the users to get a multimedia experience.

Text to speech is an important technology to offer with your digital content due to various reasons. Some are discussed below:

It helps to increase the reach of your topic or content:

The simultaneous presentation of both Text and audio through TTS tools has allowed kids to see Text and hear it simultaneously. TTS technology is beneficial for people who struggle while reading.

Understanding the digital world becomes easier:

Audible online content provides the population with a better way to access and understand the Text. TTS technology is the mouthpiece for various websites, android apps, e-books, digital learning tools, and documents. The users most commonly prefer these applications with AI-generated voices.

Provides diversity in language to the Populations:

Around 24 crore people are born in foreign countries across the globe. Understanding the native language of a particular country becomes difficult for foreigners to understand. It becomes a significant problem for kids to get educated in foreign countries.

Digitalization of the globe:

Around 90% of citizens aged between 10 and 35 use the internet daily. With everything getting digital, our dependency on the internet increases with time. So, Text-to-speech has improved our well-being by providing us with a multimedia experience by turning any digital content into audio form. With a single tap, you can listen to any Text, whether news, blog or PDF.

It provides autonomy to the digital content creators:

Simply installing a text-to-speech mp3 tool on your device allows you to generate audio instantly. A TEXT TO SPEECH mp3 tool converts the digital Text into mp3 format. With advancements in technology, some devices have inbuilt TTS software. So, TTS technology has reduced the pressure to convert and manually record any written material like articles, books, etc., into audio form. Through this assistive technology, publishers and content owners can quickly and inexpensively record their voices.


  • Text-to-speech allows you to convert any informational content into a more practical format that is less costly and easy to understand. It has made the learning process convenient for small kids.


  • TTS technology has made it simple for the media to create AI-GENERATED voices and deliver the information to the public. Most news channels use this technology to provide the news to the public, which saves their money and time.

How To Create and Add Voice Over to Google Slides?

  • Voice over presentations provide you with a multimedia experience to present your Google Slides. It increases your learning skills as it is more engaging. You can create a Video Voiceover presentation on your device through this technology by using the voice-over feature. It allows you to add a human touch to your presentation.

Steps to add voice over to your Google slide are discussed below:

  1. Foremost, you have to create slides according to your script.
  2. With a voice recorder or voice memos on your PC, record the script according to the slides.
  3. Now, it’s time to delete the extra noise from your recording. After the deletion process is completed, save the recorded audio on your PC.
  4. Insert the saved audio clips that go with your Google slide. To insert audio clips on your Google slide, click on INSERT > AUDIO and select the audio file from your PC.

NOTE: Some formatting options that you can use while adding voice over to your Google Drive are discussed below:

AUTOPLAY: You can set the audio to play automatically or manually by using the AUTOPLAY option on your Google slide.

LOOP: You can stop or repeat the audio recording by using the LOOP option on your Google slide.

Button size and colour: A small speaker button will appear whenever you add a voice-over to your Google slide. You can change the size and colour of the button through this option.


Text to speech is an assistive technology that provides you with an efficient way to convert your digital Text into audio form. This technology is vital to offer with your digital content. This technology has made it comfortable for the users to create a compelling presentation without any expenditure. It has made digital learning easier for kids. Adding voice-over to Google slides provides you with a multimedia experience to present it.