The gains of adopting a promising crypto asset earlier outweigh whatever loss can come from it. It is a safer investment provided the project isn’t a sham or rugpull scheme. Many cryptocurrencies have proved this in the past, and Moshnake (MSH) will be the latest to follow suit.


The new cryptocurrency is currently on presale at low presale, and purchase at this point could be the bargain of the year, as the coin looks certain to rise in price once it launches into the COI  market officially. Tron (TRX) and Neo (NEO) are other altcoins that may have a good run soon.


We examine these cryptocurrencies below.


Tron (TRX)



Tron is a crypto project focused on building a functional infrastructure

for complete internet decentralization. The blockchain platform enables content creators to connect with their audience without intermediaries directly. Thus, it eliminates centralization and ensures creators have full ownership rights to their digital content.


Tron is a multi-level ecosystem. The decentralized Blockchain operating system comprises the storage layer, application layer, and core layer. This streamlined structure ensures Tron operates seamlessly, at optimum level. It boasts high throughput, scalability, and availability to users.


Tron’s utility token is the TRX which is one of the low-priced top crypto assets in the crypto market. It has over $5 billion in market capitalization, and more than 800K+ individuals have it on their watchlists. Tron could experience a fair price increase soon, as crypto enthusiasts are closely watching it in the market.


Neo (NEO)

Neo developers are committed to its constant growth and improvements, which has seen the community-driven network remain relevant to date. According to the website, the decentralized platform is undergoing its biggest evolution, migrating to N3 – the latest feature-packed and powerful version of the Neo blockchain.


Neo boasts every infrastructure you need to build a DApp seamlessly and allows you to effectively utilize the benefits of the global blockchain ecosystem due to its interoperability. It is a dual token network and allows it to separate governance from the utility.


The NEO token is the main one, and it’s responsible for governance. While the GAS token power utility. It’s used for paying network fees, in-DApp purchases, smart contracts deployment, etc. NEO had an impressive run in the previous trading year, reaching about $53 market price. NEO has failed to build on that momentum due to the bear market effect. It now sells below $10 but could rise in price soon.


Moshnake (MSH)

Moshnake is the most talked about Play-to-Earn NFT gaming cryptocurrency at the moment. The snake-themed game will likely be the obsession of most blockchain gamers like Snake Xenzia was, to early internet game players. It’s reviving the snake game experience, allowing us to relive the thrill and excitement in a bigger and better way, leveraging blockchain technology.


Moshnake’s low entry barrier is a great factor that will spur high adoption and huge participation in the Blockchain game. The NFT game is built on BNB Smart Chain to withstand the anticipated huge traffic on the game’s ecosystem. The choice of the blockchain network ensures the game is faster and cheaper than most of the conventional P2E games in the market.


Moshnake (MSH) is the gaming ecosystem’s governance token. It gives community members voting power in the Moshnake DAO. It is the main cryptocurrency for trading NFTs (in-game items) in the game’s internal marketplace. Also, it serves as payment to enter special tournaments and quests in the game’s ecosystem. Venom (VEN), on the other hand, is the Moshnake’s in-game currency.


The P2E gaming crypto asset is currently on presale at a low price, and you can also win bonuses. You get a 20% bonus on your first presale purchase and other bonuses on each of its presale stages. The more you delay, the less beneficial it gets for you. Moshnake is tipped to rise soon, and you can get the bargain of the year by joining its presale soon.


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