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The November 2022 crypto crash caused by the collapse of FTX is not all doom and gloom.

While major cryptos such as Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) experienced heavy losses these five cryptos, including presale crypto Big Eyes Coin (BIG), has managed to survive and even gain from the recent crypto crash.

1) Trust Wallet Token Explodes By 100% In One Week

Perhaps the most shocking piece of news about the crypto crash is Trust Wallet Token’s (TWT) rise to fame following a 100% increase in the value of its currency over one week.

Trust wallet is a crypto wallet that holds many popular tokens like ETH and BTC. Users of the wallet experience discounts on decentralized exchanges and crypto purchases.

Running on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Trust Wallet is indirectly linked to the Binance CEO, who implied he could acquire FTX but later backed out. Changpen Zhao has even endorsed the Trust Wallet platform on Twitter.

Another reason FTX’s collapse has benefited TWT is the increased distrust of centralized exchanges. Crypto enthusiasts are more likely to invest in decentralized platforms in the future.

2) Chiliz Sees Rise Amid 2022 FIFA World Cup In Qatar

For the past few months, Chiliz (CHZ) has experienced some fluctuation in the value of its token. However, as it stands, CHZ has risen by 8% over the last week, proving it is unaffected by FTX’s collapse.

Part of this can be attributed to the upcoming FIFA World Cup in Qatar. Chiliz is a digital currency for sports and entertainment. It is the native token of a blockchain platform called Socios, where sport clubs sell special fan tokens for their supporters. This aims to bridge the gap between passive and active fans.

Chiliz could see explosive growth, considering it provides access to fan tokens for the national football teams of Italy, Portugal, And Argentina.

3) Presale Crypto Big Eyes Coin Booms Following $10,000,000 Gains

While it is true presale crypto Big Eyes Coin has already been experiencing huge gains even before the FTX collapse crypto crash, those who held BIG, its native currency, were completely unaffected by the market’s downfall.

This is primarily due to BIG’s position as a token currently outside the market. The price of BIG, therefore, did not fall or increase.

Big Eyes Coin has recently been able to raise $10,000,000 in presale. Furthermore, the defi community meme token has a booming fan base on Twitter, reaching 50,000 followers in the last few days.

Crypto enthusiasts have found themselves attracted to the cat coin’s goal to save the world’s oceans and charitable cause. Furthermore, BIG stands out as a unique meme token in an oversaturated dog meme market.

4) Toncoin Unaffected By Bear Market With 10% Gain In Last Week


Like Trust Wallet Token, Toncoin (TON) has also experienced gains following the collapse of FTX. In the last seven days, TON has gone from win to win, moving from $1.78 billion in market capitalization to $2.1 billion.

Created by the developers of Telegram, Toncoin has now changed operators and developers. The token has the express goal of developing an ecosystem with decentralized storage, services, networks, a payment platform, and fast transaction processing.

If anything has been taught by the collapse of FTX, it is that decentralization is the new hot right now. And decentralization is the current reason for this crypto’s success.

5) Chain Holds Out Amid Crypto Crash

The last token on this list has not experienced as many gains as the previous tokens but is still worth mentioning for its perseverance amid the crypto crash.

Chain (XCN) has risen by 6% over the last week. One of the best-performing cryptos during this period. A cloud-based blockchain infrastructure, Chain helps companies build better financial services. Any institution can use a Chain to operate or connect to the blockchain network.

Final Thoughts

While it is easy to assume that when most of the market is red, no cryptos are doing well, these five cryptos have proven they can rise to prominence amid bearish conditions.

The likes of Trust Wallet Token increasing by 100% or presale crypto Big Eyes Coins reaching $10,000,000 shows these very tokens have the potential to explode by the next bull run.


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