The abundance of cryptocurrencies on the market can occasionally mislead new investors. Before buying a token, it is crucial to evaluate the state of the market and its potential. Before purchasing a cryptocurrency, you should educate yourself on it thoroughly and use the learning materials that are accessible.

These resources will clear up a lot of cryptocurrency-related ambiguities. You will receive assistance choosing the right cryptocurrency to weather the coming crypto winter. According to experts, the Big Eyes Coin (BIG) token has the potential to produce very large returns in the future. After examining their features, you might also find Polygon (MATIC) and STEPN (GMT) coins to be interesting and worthwhile.

Polygon (MATIC) Is Expected to rise in the near future

Polygon (MATIC) is a layer-2 blockchain that sits on top of Ethereum as a scaling solution, making it more affordable than the latter. In Q4, Polygon (MATIC) significantly reduced its losses for the 2022 crypto year. Its institutional utilization and partnership are what started the trend.

Prices for Polygon have accurately reflected its accomplishments in the crypto world to date. Many cryptocurrency traders have been keeping an eye on the network’s native token, MATIC, thanks to interest from Meta and JP Morgan. Due to growing demand from the cryptocurrency community due to MATIC’s anticipated future use cases, its price has skyrocketed. If these use cases are verified, MATIC may increase in price even further than its all-time high of about $3 per unit.

STEPN (GMT) – A Self-designed Lifestyle App

STEPN (GMT) is a gameFi token that was created on the Solana blockchain. Due to its creative use case, which impacts people’s daily lives, it is a rapidly growing cryptocurrency in this market. STEPN (GMT) creates a novel move-to-earn (M2E) model by fusing the traditional P2E (Play-to-earn) model used by most gaming platforms with fitness applications. The platform aims to revolutionize the fitness application market and encourage healthier lifestyles through incentive mechanisms. The most popular mobile operating systems, including Android and iOS, support the application.

Utilizing Stepn to lose weight and make money is simple. You can buy a pair of NFT sneakers after downloading the program and making a wallet, which you can use to run or walk around the metaverse and earn money doing so. Users can also receive in-game benefits such as daily energy allowances, personalized sneakers, etc.

These features are powered by the STEPN token (GMT). The fitness app’s high potential for adoption places GMT in a prime position for market success. The token currently trades at slightly more than $1, but analysts predict a much larger gain in the coming months.

What is Big Eyes Coin (BIG)?

The Big Eyes Coin token has emerged as a brand-new concept in the cryptocurrency world. It is a community token for decentralized finance (DeFi). The most potent crypto community in the world will be created by Big Eyes Coin. This group of people will expand the Big Eyes Coin (BIG) ecosystem, triumph in the popularity race for meme tokens, and eventually introduce some very remarkable NFTs.


The native token could become the most valuable meme coin if the Big Eyes Coin community is successful in achieving its main objectives. This token is already in rather high demand. Up to 90% of the platform’s tokens will be made available at launch, after which the Big Eyes Coin ecosystem’s future course will be decided by the community. The maximum quantity of Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is 200,000,000,000. 20% of the tokens will be distributed to exchanges, with 70% remaining for the public presale. The platform will allocate 5% of tokens to marketing and 5% to ocean conservation. The BIG Token will not be subject to sales tax for buyers. Selling this crypto asset is tax-free. Join the presale now to increase your chances of becoming a millionaire.

In addition, the team behind Big Eyes Coin (BIG) has announced they are doing a bonus tokens giveaway. To claim the tokens use the code: BCUTE894 when purchasing BIG tokens.

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