Since Colorado and Washington legalized cannabis in 2012, the market has seen immense growth. Morse: The United States has also legalized cannabis because of CBD’s therapeutic function. Currently, the worldwide cannabis market is 27.7 Billion USD in size. Further analysis reveals the industry will grow to 83.3 billion US dollars by 2027.

However, the advent of vaporizers caused a significant change in how people smoked marijuana. Meanwhile, with the proper knowledge, you can have a great experience with vaping. Also, if you’re new to vaping or you’ve been vaping wrongly, follow the guide below for easy steps to have your best vaping experience.

1.  Make Sure It Is Clean

When you clean vaporizers, it elongates their life span. More importantly, a clean vaporizer produces pure vapor. Ensure that you get rid of all remnants in the vaporizer from MagicVaporizers, especially in the herb compartment, after each session.

Meanwhile, residues significantly affect the flavor of your vape. Ensure you check all the parts and brush off any residue present. Also, you can begin by gently tapping on the bottom of the vaporizer while the unit is upside down. This will get rid of old weeds stuck in the machine.

Similarly, Isopropyl alcohol is your best bet for cleaning your vaporizer. This solution would help clean thoroughly without affecting vaporizer units or damaging your hand. Start by wiping the mouthpiece, screen, and herb chamber with alcohol-dabbed cloth or cotton.

However, you’ll need to detach the removable parts for thorough cleaning. Clean each piece properly before recoupling them. Turn the vaporizer on and let it heat for 5 minutes at a high temperature. It will ensure the alcohol solution is wiped out and that you inhale pure vapor while vaping.

2.  Grind The Marijuana Properly

The next step is to grind your cannabis correctly. Your cannabis should be evenly and nicely grounded. Meanwhile, it is ideal to use a herb grinder, which can be electrical or manual. You can also grind with your hands, but a grinder does it better.

Meanwhile, the heat from vaporizers can easily penetrate ground marijuana because of its increased surface area, producing a thick and tasty vapor. Further, ensure your cannabis is fresh. Unlike an old, dried bud, a high-quality bud that is well-cured gives an excellent vaping experience.

Also, make sure your herb is neither too dry nor too wet. You can examine your cannabis moisture with your hands. Again, grind the exact amount of marijuana that you currently need for vaping because any remainder will quickly dry off.

3.  Make Sure The Temperature Is Perfect

Getting the right temperature is essential to your vaping experience. Although various CBDs may have different vaporizing temperatures, setting your vaporizer to the right one gives the best vaping experience. Temperature influences how well your marijuana evaporates.

However, vaporizers come with adjustable temperatures, but getting the proper temperature can be tricky. Meanwhile, past experiments reveal a range of 180°C – 210°C temperature is ok. You can also discover your right temperature by conducting your experiment.

Further, the outcome you desire can also influence your temperature settings. A high-temperature results in vapor with a strong effect, while a low temperature produces a not-too-intense effect. However, whichever your choice is, vaping is potent.

4.  Vape Before You Eat

Finally, it is better to vape around mealtime. You can go hungry after taking cannabis. This is because the THC component of the plant stimulates the cannabinoid receptors in the brain. It now switches the receptors from stopping food intake to promoting eating, making you hungry.

However, make sure you vape before eating to avoid getting hungry after vaping. Cannabis can also help promote appetite.


Vaping is an excellent way of taking cannabis, but few people know how to derive a great vaping experience effectively. It is essential always to keep your vaporizer clean and ensure you evenly grind your marijuana. Also, setting the right temperature on your vaporizer influences your vaping experience. Finally, ensure you have something to eat because you can get hungry after vaping.