Clue is one of the best-known board games on the planet, and its popularity still endures despite the technological advancements that have occurred around it. The Hasbro title was made into a live-action movie by Jonathan Lynn in 1985, with a highly original premise. In keeping with the game, it had various endings, and these were sent to different movie theaters.

Now there is talk that a remake could be on the cards, with Ryan Reynolds set to star in it. Theirs is great potential for the new offering to be a success, given the current climate of the entertainment industry.


Clue Needs Modern Offshoots to Survive

Many of the games that ruled the roost before the internet came along have now faded into obscurity, replaced by more advanced offerings. The surviving brands have evolved and embraced the internet. Monopoly is the prime example of a board game that’s achieved this, and there are hundreds of offshoots of the classic game on a wide range of platforms.

Clue has nowhere near the same representation in digital form as Monopoly, but there are some online offerings for players to enjoy. These include the Clue: The Classic Mystery Game in 2016, and Clue: Unravel the Clues and Crack the Case in 2009. Both were released on mobile. There’s also the slot game Clue Mighty Ways, which is a safe casino game from Light & Wonder. It features a new mechanic that involves six reels and can generate more than 262,000 ways to win.

It could be argued that Clue needs an even great number of modern offshoots if it is to survive in the future. Therefore, a live-action film or television series could help it massively.

Capitalize on the Resurgence of Mystery Movies

Now could be the perfect time to release a new Clue movie thanks to the resurgence of the whodunnit genre in the entertainment industry. There are various popular offerings that give viewers a chance to do the detective work, with Only Murders in the Building on Disney+ being a prime example. The series from Steve Martin and John Hoffman was met with a strong critical response and has been nominated for a range of accolades.


There’s also Knives Out, which took the world by storm. The 2019 offering from Rian Johnson flipped the traditional tropes of the mystery genre and gave audiences something completely fresh. It was so well-loved that Netflix bought the rights to make two sequels for $469 million. The first of these was Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery in 2022. Once again, critics lauded the highly entertaining offering, meaning that there will be a lot of interest and hype around the third installment as well.

It has been reported that Reynolds is interested in starring in a new Clue movie made by 20th Century Fox. James Bobin is also in talks to direct the film. Hopefully the rumors about this Clue remake are true, as it would be an excellent addition to the growing set of modern mysteries in the streaming era.