Nissan Max Out Concept Car
Photo Source: Nissan

By: Nick Gambino

When it comes to electric cars, the test of whether it’s going to be adopted by the masses is in its performance. That said, if it looks sexy as hell that’s not going to hurt. And the Nissan Max-Out definitely looks sexy as hell.

Nissan rolled out the new car at its Futures event in Yokohama, Japan to plenty of oohs and ahhs. For those in Yokohama between now and March, you can see the Max-Out on display for the duration of the event.

Now, this is not your typical family car you’re going to use to courier your kids to and from soccer games. This is going to be your “hey look at me” car. The two-seater embraces a sports car look with a low-to-the-ground ride, but the neon colorscape is what makes this thing truly stand out. Both the headlights and edges throughout the body of the EV glow like something out of Tron or some other dope 80s neon-obsessed pop culture fare. Imagine retrowave as a car. That’s the Nissan Max-Out.

This is all part of a larger electric strategy that the automaker announced a couple years ago. They are investing $17.6 billion toward the development of a whole line of EVs. The Max-Out may or may not be part of that. The car, at least as it looks in this one production model, may just be something to show off that looks cool. A symbol of their dedication to aesthetic EVs.

If the Max-Out won’t be the first EV out the gate for Nissan, they definitely are planning on a ton hitting the road soon. What that first car will be is not entirely clear. There are currently 23 electric-ish cars on the horizon that should all drop by 2030 with 15 of them going full electric.

We’ll keep reporting on any new Nissan EV news. In the meantime, if you are in Yokohama over the next month or so, make sure to get a look at this futuristic bad boy before it’s gone.