New and pre-released crypto project Big Eyes Coin is proud to hit its newest record this week. Now on stage 12, Big Eyes Coin just amassed a whopping $32 million! It is catching up to incredible cryptocurrencies Cardano and XRP — both have successfully and consistently traded in green and seen price increases.

Meanwhile, the spot gold is 2% down at $1,939.01 per ounce, according to the esteemed UAE-based English news media outlet Khaleej Times, on Wednesday morning. Could the continued blows gold is going through be the catalyst for losing its dub as a safe haven?

Gold Drops — What It Means For Investors and Crypto

Gold, an asset that investors turn to in times of market turmoil, has slipped once more. According to experts, it may be due to traders and investors remaining on the sidelines amid the interest rate decision and policy outlook of the US Federal Reserve on Wednesday at 2PM EST.

The drop in gold prices has resulted in the increase of crypto prices by 2.50%, as seen on CoinMarketCap. However, this minor dip of gold prices doesn’t signal its ultimate end. Investors assert it still is a safe asset for diversification.

Schiffgold’s founder and chairman Peter Schiff noted on his Twitter post that gold is likely down because investors are relieved that authorities and the US Federal Reserve are rescuing collapsing financial institutions. He went on and asserted that should they get a face-saving rate hike, the bank bailouts are still being paid for with inflation, which is good for gold.

Cardano and XRP Increase

As the global crypto market cap increased by 2.43%, now $1.18 trillion, on Wednesday morning, cryptocurrencies Cardano and XRP shot up once more.

The energy-saving Ethereum-based Cardano that uses the PoS blockchain was trading in green. It was priced at $0.37, an $859.83 million trading volume, and a $13.08 billion market cap on Wednesday morning. As such, Cardano advanced by up to 13.05%.

XRP, the resilient token that uses a Federated Consensus mechanism, has been trading in the green as well. It had a 24-hour volume of $4.80 billion and $0.45 price. With this, it was up 19.82%, a significant win for the crypto considering its current battle against the US Securities and Exchange Commission.

The data listed above were acquired via CoinMarketCap.

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