A place for everything and everything in its place. That’s the motto of many a happy home. But finding storage solutions for every need can be difficult. If you’re lucky enough to be building a new home, you can take steps to ensure you have all the storage space you want with these popular organization trends.

Built-In Storage

If you aren’t building a pre-designed home, work with your architect to find clever little nooks in your home to turn into storage space. This storage is a part of your home, so you know it’s sturdy enough to hold whatever you need it to.

Maximizing Closet Space

Did you know that many homeowners aren’t getting the best use out of their closets? You can maximize your closet’s effectiveness in a few easy steps and by installing racks and shelves for what you need.

Hidden Pantry

If you like a crisp, clean look in your kitchen, then consider asking your builder for a hidden pantry. This food closet is hidden behind a facade that matches your kitchen counters— if you don’t open the door, no one will even know it’s there!

Underbed Storage

Closets aren’t the only hideaways for your things. You can store anything from extra sheets to childhood memories in tubs or fabric bins under your bed. All you need is a bed skirt to hide them away for a clean look without getting rid of extra warmth or precious memories.

Get the Most from Dresser Drawers

Gone are the days when you just throw your underwear into your dresser and watch it slowly disappear into your socks as time passes. Homeowners can make use of fabric cubbies or drawer dividers to neatly organize these interior spaces. Drawer dividers can also work great for kitchen utensils and flatware, as well as bathroom supplies.

Outdoor Cushions? Meet the Empty Bench

If you like to change your chair cushions to match the season or just want a place to tuck them away when it rains, you can buy an empty bench for outdoor storage. They often look like woven furniture, or you can find a more plain plastic type to blend into the background. These deep containers are the perfect size for patio cushions and hold up well in different weather.

Invest in a Matching Outdoor Shed

Whether you want a place to get away and enjoy your hobbies, a sturdy shelter for pets, or a place to store your lawn care equipment, you can find storage sheds for sale made of high-grade lumber. These sheds come in a wide range of styles and sizes, so you can pick the one that best fits your property, your needs, and your new home.

Take to the Walls

Walls can be used for vertical storage spaces in several ways. You can mount bicycles and sports gear in your garage or shed with special hooks or hang pegboards to hold your tools. Undercabinet hooks in a kitchen can be a great place for mugs, or you can use wall space to display your favorite pots while leaving them in easy reach. Another cute idea is to take the medicine cabinet idea to other rooms. Instead of a bulky mirror, hang a piece of artwork over a small nook to hide your spices or store your living room remotes.


Look for Functional Furniture

These days, you can find several clever storage solutions in and on furniture. From recliner covers with pockets to ottomans that open, you can tuck away your remotes or current books in easy reach.

Strategic Curtains

If your home has an open space that you aren’t overly fond of, like a large nook or an open-air sink, you can hang pretty curtains to conceal the area and add to your decor. Curtained nooks can also have larger items stored in them, like mops, brooms, or floor-length mirrors when you don’t need them.

Concealed Televisions

If you don’t watch tv often, you can build in clever concealments. If you plan to mount your tv, one idea is to have your builder include a nook where you want it and then cover it with art or curtains or doors that can be pulled away. You can also hang tracks above the TV to pull concealing items away. This also helps conceal valuable electronics from anyone who enters your home uninvited.

Lean Into Your Aesthetic

There are several little tricks you can use, like hanging tags from baskets to store things out of sight but have an easy way to know what is what. Some owners go so far as to switch laundry detergent pods into prettier decanters if the laundry storage is open air. So long as you understand where everything is, that’s all that matters. You can also purchase things like towels that match the look of your rooms so they don’t seem out of place on a wire shelf instead of tucked into a closet. Your home is your canvas, and you and your builder are the artistic team. Be open with your contractor about storage needs; they may surprise you with a few ideas of their own. Enjoy your new home and the lack of clutter you built in.