Google Sets Pixel 8 Announcement Date
Photo source: Google

By: Nick Gambino

The Google Pixel 8 and its partner, the Pixel 8 Pro, are due for a launching. And so Google is doing right by their eager customers, setting the date for the official announcement of the newest iteration of their flagship smartphone. For those who want to feast their eyes on the latest and greatest Google phone, set your Pixel Watches for October 4th.

Now, as tech companies are prone to do, Google didn’t come right out and say they are revealing the Pixel 8, but the hint is strong enough that we’d have to live in a Bizarro world for it not to happen. The announcement of the event comes way of a Threads post.

“Big fall launches are stressful, but Pixel helps these Best Phones Forever stay cool as cucumbers,” the post reads. “The w8 is almost over. Rest up for Made By Google on October 4th.”

Note the not so subtle “w8” in the post. The announcement is accompanied by a cheeky video where a Pixel phone and an iPhone have a conversation. The latter acknowledges its shortcomings and things it can’t do that the Pixel can. Obviously this little video is not Apple sanctioned.

Of course, we don’t know what we’re going to get with the next-gen Pixel phone, but rumors suggest an improvement on the ultrawide camera as well as integration of AI features. This makes sense with Google’s fervent push on their AI chatbot, Bard.

There was a whoops moment from the Google marketing team that gave us an early peek at the Pixel 8. You can check it out in the tweet below.

In addition to the Pixel 8, we are hoping for a Pixel Watch 2 reveal. If we do get a new Google smartwatch, there are even less rumors to suggest what that might look like. If I were to make a strong guess at it, I’d say it’ll have a longer-lasting battery. And probably other things.

We’ll just have to wait for 10am EST on October 4th.