WhatsApp Is Getting Major Redesign

By: Nick Gambino

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps in the world and for good reason. It’s easy to use and chockful of useful features iMessage could only envision in its dreams. That said, the app has looked pretty much the same for years.

Well, it looks like Meta is testing a complete redesign for WhatsApp on Android. This bit of news was sleuthed by the folks over at WABetaInfo. If this information is correct – and it looks like it is according to the Google Play Beta Program – WhatsApp is getting more than a facelift, it’s getting a complete face overhaul.

The new update coming soon will see a big change to the interface, namely to the top app bar. While that part of the app has been famously green for as long as I can remember, it now looks like it’s going to be white. That means the WhatsApp logo will have to change color because you can’t have white on white. The logo will therefore switch to, you guessed it, green.

In this same field where the top app bar is located, we’ll also get a new menu button located just to the right of your profile picture. And that’s as much as we know about the cosmetic changes to the Android WhatsApp app.

There does seem to be an additional feature arriving with the beta update. This will allow users to filter their conversation according to their needs and wants. You can sort convos into lists like personal and business and even unread. WhatsApp has always had one of the best search functions for chat and this just brings it to the next level.

There’s no indication that iOS is getting an update at the same time, but I have heard rumblings that they are looking to bring a similar update to iPhones and iPads so as to more properly align both OSes.