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Almost every online casino has a system in place designed to encourage the users to come back regularly. But some platforms are putting much more effort into such systems than others, and the players can grab tons of benefits for performing a 5 Gringo Casino login every day.

Daily Bonuses

The first and the main 5 Gringo Casino login benefit for the players of the platform is the system of reload bonuses available at the casino. The operator has a daily bonus for every day of the week, and the best part about it is that these are all different promotions.

On Mondays, the players can earn free chips for regular casino games. On Tuesdays, there is a free chip for the Crazy Time title waiting for them. On other days of the week, they can claim cashback deals, free spin packages, match bonuses, and other regular promotions.

This system does not only make performing a 5 Gringo Casino login every day worth it for the players, but it also makes the experience a lot more interesting, as there is always something new going on.

Regular Tournaments

Another benefit the most active players of the platform can get relates to participating in tournaments hosted by 5 Gringos. The casino has a set of weekly competitions for different types of games in its lobby, and there are some long-term events such as monthly tournaments or even seasonal competitions available for joining as well.

The prizes are different for all tournaments, but they are almost always impressive even with smaller events like the weekly competitions. The players can earn loyalty coins, cash prizes, free spin packages, free chips, or Bonus Crabs by performing well in these events.

Of course, the competitions require the users to actively play the games with real money bets, so it is not directly a 5 Gringo Casino login reward. Nevertheless, this feature makes it more interesting for the players to revisit the casino and gives them a chance to win massive prizes for playing the games they enjoy the most.


The situation with Trophies is fairly similar to the one with tournaments. The trophies themselves have to be earned, but the prizes given out for doing so make it worth it for most players. Trophies are essentially a system of challenges the players have to complete in order to earn prizes.

Each challenge rewards an instant prize, but completing a set of challenges yields a much more impressive reward for the players. The challenges themselves are usually very straightforward and simple. Most of them revolve around playing different types of games with real funds, making it a great encouragement for the users to try out various genres available in the lobby.

The prizes are also different for each challenge. The most common rewards are coins, free spins, free chips, and bullets for the Shooting Range mini-game. Completing the entire set of challenges grants the players a whopping 2,000 coins, which is enough to purchase hundreds of free spins in the bonus shop.

Even though Trophies are one-time achievements, the players should not get disappointed after completing all of them. 5 Gringos regularly adds new challenges to the assortment and removes the previous ones, so there will almost always be a mission to complete and a reward to pursue.

The system of Trophies is the latest of features mentioned on this list, but it has already shown an incredible performance and brought a ton of attention to the casino. It will be reasonable for the operator to expand on this feature, so the players are anticipating even more updates to the Trophies system.