A wide range of entertainment is the most important characteristic of a gaming platform, which every gambler takes into account. Wazamba casino at the link https://wazamba-casino.org/ collaborates with the biggest studios. Play’n GO with almost 300 slots, NetEnt with more than 120, Evolution Gaming with almost 90 and Pragmatic Play with more than 300 games are all available after registration. On the site, you can look at games by provider and choose the ideal one depending on your wishes for the gameplay, theme, and the amount of possible winnings.

Jackpot slot machines

Jackpot slots at Wazamba casino are a special category of slots that offer players the chance to win huge sums of money. Slots of this type can be of different kinds:

  • Fixed jackpots. This is a type of slot machine in which the amount of the prize pool remains constant and does not change depending on the number of players or bets. The size of the jackpot does not increase over time.
  • Progressive jackpots. Progressive jackpot slots at Wazamba casino are games with gradually increasing prize pools that increase with each bet players make. A part of each bet goes to increase the amount. Jackpots, indeed, can reach huge sizes, which, of course, attracts players.
  • Local jackpots. Games with so-called local jackpots are only associated with a specific slot machine or group of machines within the same casino. This means that the jackpot only accumulates from bets placed on these particular slot machines. Usually, entertainment with these types of prizes is presented in land-based casinos.
  • Total jackpots. This is the amount that accumulates from playing on multiple slot machines, which may even be at different casinos. A portion of every bet on any of these machines goes towards increasing the overall jackpot.

Progressive jackpot slot machines are one of the most popular types of slots. Most often, these entertainments are colorful, dynamic, with very simple gameplay.

Arcade slots

Arcade slots at Wazamba casino are a type of slot machine that implements a concept reminiscent of classic arcade games. They combine elements of traditional slot machines with gameplay based on the player’s skills and abilities. Unlike conventional slot machines, in which the outcome of the game depends mainly on luck and chance, arcade games allow players to influence the outcome of the game with their actions. This type of entertainment usually has bright and interesting graphics, as well as exciting sound effects. All this creates a dynamic gaming atmosphere. These slots contain various levels, bonus games, and other features. One of the key advantages of arcade slots is that they are more complex than traditional slot machines. There is more variability, player involvement, which, of course, is very popular with many users. Developers are creating more and more exciting arcade slots with unique game mechanics, as they see that these entertainments are becoming more and more popular.

Card games

Card games, perhaps, do not need any special introduction. Despite the fact that they appeared much earlier than slot machines, they do not cease to be popular. And in many ways, the reason for this was the ability to play them online or live. Various variants of poker and blackjack are still attractive to visitors of gambling sites. The Internet allows anyone to play a card game, no matter where they are or what their budget is, how well their skills are developed, how many games they have already discovered, and whether they are using a strategy. The advantage is that you don’t have to go anywhere to sit down at the table. All that is required is to register and choose your favorite card game, then place a bet and start playing.