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Render (RNDR) had an explosive year of growth which resulted in its price increasing by 438%. Moreover, Filecoin (FIL) recently dropped in value after a prolonged uptrend, as it just barely missed the $10 price point, resulting in many wanting to diversify their holdings. In the meantime, KangaMoon (KANG) has accumulated a lot of attention from investors and traders as it is projected to see much more significant gains after climbing 290% in a short time-frame. Today, we will go over their price performance to see just how far they can rise, and see which is the best coin to invest in.

Render (RNDR) Spikes 438% – How Far Can It Reach in 2024?

Render (RNDR) has seen substantial price gains during the past year which has cemented it as one of the largest players in the industry. Specifically, the Render price moved up 438% during this time-frame, and at this rate the crypto could see far more substantial gains. 

Moreover, in the past week, the Render crypto moved up from $6.83 to $10.52, and could soon experience an even more significant price uptrend. Analysts are bullish on its future, and according to the Render price prediction, it can end 2024 at $18.35.

Filecoin (FIL) Recovers to $9.32 – Price to Reach $13.43 by End of 2024

Filecoin (FIL) did initially struggle to maintain its value after a substantial 32% monthly drop, but has since engaged in a price recovery period. Within the span of a week, the Filecoin price spiked from $5.35 to $9.32. 

Now, the Filecoin crypto needs to break past the $10 price barrier in order to regain attention from bulls. Based on its RSI and MACD data, it is bullish, and could see substantial price gains moving forward. According to the Filecoin price prediction, it can end 2024 at $13.43.

KangaMoon (KANG) Surge 290% and Can Reach New All-Time High in 2024

KangaMoon (KANG) is an upcoming project which has already stood out due to its unique combination of Social-Fi elements, with a community-driven approach and Play-to-Earn (P2E) features. In addition, it will enable anyone the opportunity to create their own KangaMoon character, and with it, they can compete with other players. Anyone can also engage in tournaments, or spectate and place bets on other players in order to receive KANG tokens or NFTs as rewards. This way, anyone can engage in the dedicated marketplace where they can buy, sell or trade these NFTs.

There are now over 20,000 users with 5,800 holders of the KANG token. In addition, the crypto spiked from $0.005 to its current value during Stage 5 of the presale at $0.0196, marking a 290% rise in value. It’s also raised $5.5 million, with potential for it to pass the $7 million mark by the end of the month. According to analysts, the crypto can spike as much as 100x and provide significant ROI, making KANG the best coin to invest in.


While Filecoin has struggled, it is slowly beginning to regain its value and could soon reach new heights. In the meantime, the Render crypto saw a major price uptrend, and now, KangaMoon is primed to experience far more substantial gains and lead the market in 2024 and beyond. These aspects position KANG as the best cryptocurrency to invest in for 2024 and beyond.

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