Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Evutec- Innovative and Fashionable Phone Cases | NewsWatch Review

In this day and age it's nearly impossible to function in everyday life without a smartphone. We are literally using our smartphones for everything including a GPS, a music player, a...
video – Open Source Collaboration | Best of CES

Since 2008, the Foundation has provided a forum for collaboration with open-source software and hardware. They are best known for their credit-card sized open-hardware computers perfect for machine control by...

Bonaverde – Roast, Grind, Brew Coffee Maker | Best of CES

Most of us can’t live without coffee, especially during CES. And what could possibly be better than making coffee more accessible and more affordable for everyone? Also ensuring that the sourcing of...

Cortet – Internet of Things Connectivity Suite | Best of CES

The Internet of Things is wildly popular at this year’s Consumer Electronic Show.  It is not too surprising considering it brings intelligence to everyday things. Most people might be familiar with...

PanaCast – Panoramic Virtual Meetings | Best of CES

Over the recent influx of online meetings, we have come to one conclusion... Many people have found that it is hard to tell if the participants are actually paying attention. Well, Silicon...

Orbbec Persee – 3D Camera and Computer | Best of CES

It’s no secret that CES-goers love 3D. From 3D printers to virtual reality, it’s hard to find people who lack interest. Orbbec is a company that tries to bring the latest...

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