Pharma brands have to do business in a fast-paced market. There are hundreds of brands offering tens of variations of each salt. While most patients stick to the medicines recommended by their doctors, this behavior is quite different when it comes to over-the-counter medications. Buyers have full freedom to select the medicine that meets their needs and fits in their budget.

This is where packaging plays a vital role. The pills and capsules are usually packed in glass films or bottles, which are then secured inside a box, typically made of cardboard, Kraft, or corrugated stock. These boxes, when tailored to a specific design, are known as medicine boxes wholesale.

A special box for medicines comes with many benefits. It can help brands grow sales, maintain their image, and retain customers. This post explains the different benefits of using custom medicine boxes, along with some tips to consider before ordering them.

7 Benefits of Custom Medicine Boxes

1. Help Build a Brand Image

With tens of brands offering the same medicine, businesses have to focus on marketing and branding to ensure that people remember the medicine’s name when buying it again. Most medicines are not bought regularly unless the patient is suffering from a chronic disease. Moreover, sales in the medicine market are driven by the name of the medicine rather than the brand’s name. All these facts make it important for brands to put the medicine and the brand’s name on the box so the buyer can specifically ask for your product.

2. Drug Safety

Although all the medicines are packed in protective films or bottles, these boxes can further enhance the protection factor during usage. Most people prefer to keep medicines inside the box after opening them to keep them safe from moisture and heat. Moreover, these boxes are sturdy enough to protect pills and glass bottles from breaking in case they fall.

3. Dose Adherence

Many high-end hospitals and clinics go the extra mile to help patients adhere to the prescribed dosage. Pharma brands can also include such features on the boxes. However, it will come at a certain cost, but it will also help increase retention and build a loyal customer base.

The simplest way to do this is to print a QR code on the box. When buyers scan this code on their smartphones, it can take them to a portal where they can enter all their details, like dose frequency, medicine name, and contact number. The pharma brand can then send messages to remind patients to take their doses on time.

This approach is not commonly used on medicine boxes as it increases the overall cost of doing business, but if implemented, it can revolutionize the pharma industry.

4. Barcodes

Putting barcodes on custom printed medicine boxes helps brands smooth out the supply chain process. It can help track an entire batch, minimizing the risk of errors during delivery and further ensuring availability all the time.

5. Easy Accessibility

For patients with disabilities and special needs, these boxes can be modified to include features such as easy-open caps or one-handed opening mechanisms.

6. Patient Safety

Pharma companies must consider the safety of their patients when designing medicine boxes. The medicine box doesn’t come into direct contact with the contents inside, as they are packed in plastic films or bottles, depending on the nature of the product. The onus of patient safety thus falls on custom medicine boxes. Let’s check out how these boxes can ensure it.

Labeling and Information – custom printed medicine boxes allow brands to put necessary information on the box, like medicine’s salt names, dosage instructions, possible side effects, product and expiration dates, batch numbers, warnings, and precautions. These boxes can be used to print storage instructions as well. Some medicines require special storage, like keeping them at room temperature or in a refrigerator. While adding these things to your box’s design, make sure you don’t compromise on the FDA’s requirements.

Child Safety – a lot of medicines require special packaging to ensure safety. Medicine boxes with special features like tapes and reusable seals ensure that the little ones in a patient’s home can’t open them.

Tamper-Proof Boxes – brands can opt for boxes that provide a guarantee to the buyers that the medicine has not been opened since it left the manufacturer. These boxes can go a long way in building trust in the minds of buyers, and they’ll prefer buying your brand’s medicines again.

7. Cost-Effective

Getting high-quality medicine boxes wholesale may slightly increase the overall packaging cost, but they are worth it. These boxes bring all the benefits mentioned above. Sensible brands don’t make decisions based on timely benefits; rather, they focus on the long-term effects. Investing in these boxes has a high ROI as they help in various business dimensions.

Some Tips for Ordering Custom Medicine Boxes

Design and Testing

Medicine boxes wholesale are not like ordinary retail boxes, where brands have complete freedom while designing. Pharma companies have to ensure compliance with FDA standards while making the design. Other than this, they must ensure that the box has information that satisfies the purchase intent. For example, if you are selling medicine for headache or flu, the box must have ample information that explains how it can deal with the problem.

Once the design has been finalized, ask your supplier to send you a design sample. This can help you point out any flaws and improve the overall outlook of the box.

Order Quantity

Getting medicine boxes in the right quantity is crucial, as it ensures that brands don’t waste their resources. Brands can either go for custom medicine boxes wholesale or order these boxes in small quantities. Both approaches have their pros and cons. A wholesale or bulk order is best for large brands looking for cheap medicine boxes or those with high sales volumes. Small orders are ideal when your brand wants to test a product on the market or the overall sales volume is low. Bulk orders allow brands to save impressively on packaging costs.

Supplier Selection

Another important thing to do before ordering custom medicine boxes is to vet the supplier. You can do this by going through reviews and customer feedback. Make sure you shortlist at least 3–4 suppliers and get quotes from all of them to get an idea of pricing.

Or you can ask your friends in the business community if they know about a credible packaging supplier.

Final Words

We have explained both the informative and technical aspects of medicine boxes. These boxes have become a necessity in the present day. Almost all pharma brands now use special packaging for their products to stand out in the market.

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