Sunday, December 8, 2019

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Google Search for “Final Election Results” Turns up Fake News at the Top

By: Nick Gambino You know how you have certain friends on Facebook who like to share articles from sites that are less than reputable? The kind of site that has a headline...

Innovative Self-Help System Triple H Coaching Introduces New App

We recently introduced you to Dr. Leo Lafferty-Whyte’s innovative Triple H Coaching. Now Triple H Coaching has taken it to the next level with their handy new app. The system, which concentrates...

Pamper Your Pet with “Lavish Pets”

Tech Report By: Nick Gambino Pampering your pet is becoming more and more popular with pet salons springing up all over the place. This might seem strange to some but as a dog...

Build a Strong Team by Surviving a Zombie Apocalypse with Room Escape Adventures

Question: How do you feel about spending your Saturday afternoon locked in a room with a group of co-workers or friends as you try desperately to find a way out before...

Find Health, Happiness and Harmony with Triple H Coaching

Life is often a series of ups and downs much like a roller coaster. The only difference is this roller coaster doesn’t stop after 90 seconds of fun. Instead you’re on...
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Pandora Rolls Out Redesigned App

By: Nick Gambino There was a time in recent memory when Pandora was the go-to music platform for those unwilling to buy music or download...

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