Monday, June 1, 2020
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Google Search for “Final Election Results” Turns up Fake News at the Top

By: Nick Gambino You know how you have certain friends on Facebook who like to share articles from sites that are less than reputable? The kind of site that has a headline...

Top 5 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Tech Deals

 By: Nick Gambino While there are those that look at Thanksgiving as a grand feast they can share with family and friends while they reflect on those things they are grateful for,...

Amazon Rumored to Be Adding Touchscreen to Popular Echo

By: Bryan Tropeano Another day another rumor but it seems this one has some validity to it. According to Bloomberg the Amazon Echo is getting a welcome touchscreen addition in 2017. This is...

Netflix Adds ‘Offline’ Feature

By:Nick Gambino As promised several months ago Netflix is adding an offline feature allowing users to download and watch movies and TV shows without an internet connection. This is perfect for the daily...

You Can Now Watch Google Play Movies in 4K

By: Nick Gambino While Google Play has been stealthily adding 4K movies to their catalog over the past few weeks only now is the 4K launch officially…official. Users in both the U.S. and...

Avoid Over-Charging with the Raboo Smart Charger

By: Nick Gambino With the recent problems with Samsung Galaxy S7 smartphone batteries (read: exploding batteries) smartphone users are more aware than ever of the potential for overheating electronics. Overheating, trickle charging and,...

AirPods Now on Sale in the Apple Store

By: Nick Gambino Well the highly anticipated and, for some, dreaded day has come. Apple’s wireless headphones, AirPods, have launched. Ever since Apple removed the headphone jack from the iPhone 7 we’ve been...

Steam Adds Full Support for PS4 DualShock Controller

By: Nick Gambino While you can hook up pretty much any controller to your PC and play games through Steam, they’re pretty limited when it comes to functionality. Valve’s initial solution to this...

How to Keep Food Safe During Transportation

By: Megan Ray Nichols The process of transporting your food from the farm or plantation, into processing plants and onto store shelves, is quicker than it's ever been. But despite the faster...

Blade Runner 2049 Teaser Trailer Drops

By: Nick Gambino I’m a huge fan of the original Blade Runner film so needless to say my last 48 hours have been mainly taken up with watching the newly dropped trailer...
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