Sunday, June 13, 2021
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Smart Lock Lockly

Connected Home Security: Best Smart Locks for Your House

By: Scott Steinberg Thanks to the magic of connected home technology and automation, it’s easier than ever to keep close tabs on home security– even while you’re away and traveling this summer. Credit...

Best Free and Low-Cost Business Tools and Services

By: Scott Steinberg Pop quiz: What’s the fastest way to build a new business overnight – and without having to break the bank in the process? As it turns out these days,...
Twitter Verified

Now Anyone Can Apply for a Blue Check Mark on Twitter

By: Nick Gambino A blue check mark on Twitter is tantamount to a medal of legitimacy. Most covet it because it acts as an instant marketing boost. If you have a little...
Deepfake Flawless Tech

AI Startup Uses Deepfake to Create Seamless Dubbing for TV & Movies

By: Nick Gambino Dubbing movies and TV for a foreign language audience has never been perfect. In the 70s and 80s, the lack of continuity between the mouth of the actor and...

Alexa Comes to Ford

By: Nick Gambino Alexa will soon be available in all-new Ford vehicles, the automaker announced on Thursday. A simple voice command will allow drivers to call up the Amazon assistant to perform...
Vive Pro 2

HTC Unveils Vive Pro 2 VR Headset

By: Nick Gambino HTC has carved out its own little niche in the VR world with higher-end headsets aimed at enterprises rather than the gamer or entertainment consumer. Now the company is...
Mean Tweets

Twitter Wants You to Stop Sending Mean Tweets

By: Nick Gambino Social media is not exactly known for its tolerance. Platforms like Twitter and Facebook provide a place where users can insult each other behind the veil anonymity. Derogatory terms...

Facebook Acquires ‘Onward’ VR Developer

By: Nick Gambino Facebook continues its world conquest with the announcement that they’re acquiring VR game developer Downpour Interactive. The company is responsible for the popular VR shooter Onward. “We’ve seen great...
Spotify Redesign

Spotify Redesigns Your Playlist

By: Nick Gambino Spotify just announced a redesign of their “Your Library” section intended to make it easier to navigate. I feel like this change was intended for me and me...
Fire HD Tablet

Amazon Announces Next-Gen Fire Tablets

By: Nick Gambino Amazon has just announced their next-gen lineup of Fire tablets. Instead of doing what Apple does and picking the next sequential number for its name, the new tablet...

What's Hot

Lyft Unveils New E-Bike

By: Nick Gambino Lyft unveiled their new e-bike users can rent to zip around the city. Electric-powered transportation is quickly becoming the new norm. Tesla...

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