Friday, March 31, 2023

AdBlock – One Swipe to Block Them All | NewsWatch Review

AppWatch Are popups on your iOS device driving you crazy? Are you frustrated that the apps you’ve downloaded for free, come with the nuisance of pesky advertisements? A lot of our favorite...

WeShare – Sharing is Caring, Especially When it Comes to WiFi | NewsWatch Review

AppWatch If you’re in need of instant internet access, it may be time to download the app, WeShare. WeShare works by conserving data on your mobile device to gain easy internet access...
Nuvanna Mattressvideo

Nuvanna – Sleep is All You Need | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Watch Ensuring that you receive a balanced life doesn’t only come with exercising and vitamin consumption, but with getting a good night’s sleep. Never underestimate the benefit of getting a good...
Third Wave Water Capsulesvideo

Third Wave Water – Make Your Best Cup of Coffee, Better | NewsWatch Review

ConsumerWatch Are you ready to take the taste of your best cup of coffee to the next level? Third Wave Water has developed a capsule filled with a balance of calcium, sodium,...

PhotoSquared – Make Your Memories Come to Life | NewsWatch Review

Consumer/AppWatch Does your Instagram feed or Facebook wall look more lively than the art (or lack thereof) you have hanging on the walls of your home, dorm or office? Is there a...

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Amazon Now Lets You Know What Products Are Frequently Returned

  By: Nick Gambino Amazon has added a new feature to help customers make more informed decisions on purchases. The new tag added to some...

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