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Have you ever looked at the world around you and wondered how you could make it a better place? It is an overwhelming thought. Think of all the things people could do to help make themselves, and the world, a better place. Where do you start, though? Well, ActOn is the first mobile app that connects people with organizations trying to make a difference. Any nonprofit or other social enterprise has the ability to create a free channel within the app to promote their cause and engage supporters. As a user, you can tell ActOn what you care about, and then have all the content in the app filtered through your interests.

Say you are interested in the protection of animals as well as the environment. Everything you see will be related to those subjects. Have you ever heard of Kickstarter? Well, with ActOn you can also crowd-fund for various causes. Crowd-funding is only one of many options, though. You can sign petitions and enjoy hours of video content. ActOn is also your first stop to research special events, whether you’re thinking local or international. There are even social features integrated into the app where you can share and communicate with friends through Facebook and Twitter. On top of those popular social media choices, finding kindred spirits is also possible directly through the app.

Jump on board with ActOn and help make a difference. It is currently available for free on iOS devices. To download it today, go to the appstore and type in “Act On”.

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