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A lot of what we do these days is on our computers and, even more so, online. It helps us stay connected with friends and families and meet people all over the world. In terms of work it makes things more efficient. But with every blessing comes a curse. As you can see by recent headlines your data is not entirely safe online. What to do? Check out BolehVPN. V.P.N. stands for Virtual Private Network. In an effort to not get too technical, a V.P.N. is basically a secure channel created on the internet for you to share and receive data.

BolehVPN provides a V.P.N. using their many different servers all over the world to keep your data safe. Even though they provide the network, no logs are kept of your activity, creating total anonymity. With this worldwide coverage they don’t just protect your identity. BolehVPN will help you combat censorship in countries with strict rules on internet access, as well defy forms of bandwidth shaping. Say you are out and about and need to access Wi-Fi in a public place. Public Wi-Fi is a breeding ground for people waiting to steal your information. Don’t become a victim by using this V.P.N.’s strong encryption.

These key points are what sets them apart from the competition. They work on nearly every operating system so compatibility should not be an issue. It really is a straight forward service. BolehVPN sets up a secure channel for you to communicate with their servers so your online data is not exposed for others to take advantage of. This kind of security provides you peace of mind when delving into a sea of information like the internet.

Prices vary all the way from a 7 day trial package at $3.70 to a 365 day package at $79.99. A small price to pay to keep your private information safe.

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