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Everyone knows that in this modern digital age identity theft is a serious issue. It is easier than ever to purchase goods and services right from your computer or smart phone. These days we carry our whole lives in our pockets. From schedules, to bill payments, to credit card numbers, we rely heavily on our smart devices to make our lives easier. People always worry about the unseen enemy that can infiltrate this peace of mind, hacking into their data from far away. What they are forgetting about is the frontline defense of their personal information. It is common to see passwords or custom patterns as the first line of security for their smart devices. As phone screens grow larger and larger though, so does the ease of peeking to see what those passwords and patterns are. Now biometric security is making a big splash to change all that, and one company that is revolutionizing this technology is IDEX.

At Mobile World Congress they announced their latest technology, the Eagle Touch Sensor.  The Eagle Touch Sensor consists of relatively few pieces.  The sensing array, which is the interface to the finger, and the ASIC, which 1processes the information to generate the image. Typically, the ASIC is made out of silicon, which is the main cost driver. IDEX developed an off-chip sensing technology to separate the ASIC from the sensing array. The ASIC, which must be silicon, can be much smaller, which lowers the cost of the sensor. The sensing array can be any material, like ceramic, polymer or even glass.

This fingerprint technology not only will be available on our phones, but also in our wallets. They are working to embed it in an ISO Smart Card.  There is no limit to the sound defense of biometric security, thanks to technology developed by companies like IDEX.

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