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Lifebeam harSmart technology is steadily getting more clever as it permeates our daily lives. One place it has been doing well is in the realm of fitness and health tracking. If you’ve ever worked out with a fitness watch and chest strap you have probably found it to be helpful but inconvenient. Straps can chafe, and for those who don’t typically wear watches it can be hard to suddenly pick upthe habit of wearing a fitness watch everywhere you go. We have got a new and better solution for you. Take a look at LifeBEAM’s Smart Hat.

For a bit of background, LifeBeam is known in the industry for their health tracking tech that is embedded in fighter pilot helmets to monitor key performance vitals.  They have taken that same technology to the consumer world with the smart hat.  It tracks your heart rate, calories, and cadence – basically your steps.

Lifebeam hatUnlike traditional chest straps that can be irritating, the Smart Hat connects to nearly all apps and fitness devices, while also providing more info.  As well as being less cumbersome, the Smart Hat uses bio-optic sensors for monitoring which are proven to be more accurate than regular chest straps. In order to use it, all you have to do is connect it to your device using Bluetooth or ANT+, then choose the hat as the heart rate monitor of your favorite fitness tracking app or device. With up to 15 hours of battery life you will only need to charge it once a month.

The Smart hat comes in Black & white with a gray rim, or you can pick-up the smart visor, which comes in white with a pink rim. LifeBEAM also developed the Smart Helmet for all you cyclists who would like to track & improve your performance. You can get your LifeBEAM Smart Hat today for $99 by heading over to their website.

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